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Glory Of The Sword

Album: ''Glory Of The Sword'' (2003 Demo)
1. Folk In The Golden Town
2. Cursed To Live
3. The Darkest Valleys Of Mist
4. Man Of Spells

Legacy of Heathens

Album: ''Legacy of Heathens'' (2005)
1. Immortal Heroes
2. The Ancient Tale
3. Folk in the Golden Town
4. Broken Stone
5. Journey in the Woods
6. Swordmaster of the Dragonland
7. The Darkest Valleys of Mist
8. Burning the Gates
9. Black Crown



Falchion's music is often called pagan/viking metal, but the band itself calls their music as heavy metal. Band has founded in May 2002 in Lahti Finland by Juho Kauppinen (lead guitars, vocals), Joonas Simonen (keyboards) and Ville Vehviläinen (drums). A bass player Seppo Tiaskorpi joined Falchion in December 2002. Also Sami Heinonen joined Falchion in March 2003 as a rhythm guitar player. This composition stayed from March 2003 till October 2003, but it has changed after that.

Falchion started to record their first demo cd "Glory of the sword" in June 2003 with Juha Kallas at LYK school studio, Lahti. It had finished not until November 2003, because Ville Vehviläinen didn't play all his parts for the demo because he went to army. He lost his motivation for the band. So did Joonas Simonen. Ville Vehviläinen, Sami Heinonen and Joonas Simonen left Falchion in October. Falchion got Teemu Peltonen as a drum player and Jani Laine as a rhythm guitar player in October 2003. Teemu Peltonen recorded the rest of the drums for the demo in November. Falchion decided to continue without keyboard player.

Band signed one album with Japanese label World Chaos Production in December 2003. The recording of their debut album "Legacy of heathens" started in June 2004 at Studio Watercastle, Jyväskylä with Arttu Sarvanne. The recordings lasted 9 days and Arttu Sarvanne had professional touch in the studio. He mixed album 8 days. "Legacy of Heathens" went to its mastering session in October. It was mastered by Timo Lehtimäki in Studio 57, Alaveteli.

The first album was released in October 2005, exactly a one year after the mastering session. The band had had very silent times after the recording of the album and there weren't any shows or anything. The "Legacy of Heathens" album had sold nearly 2 000 copies between 2005-2006. In September 2006 the whole line-up changed again.

Line-up of today:

Juho Kauppinen - Guitars, vocals
Miikka Tulimäki - Guitars
Matti Johansson - Drums
Janne Kielinen - Bass

Web site:

Melodic Death/Folk Metal


Finland (Lahti), formed in 2002

World Chaos Production


Juho Kauppinen - Guitars, Vocals, Accordion (Korpiklaani, Demonic Cremation)
Miikka Tulimäki - Guitars
Matti Johansson - Drums (ex-Crystalic, ex-Depravity (Fin), Korpiklaani, Psychopathic Terror)
Janne Kielinen - Bass

Joonas Simonen - Keyboards (2002-2003)
Ville Vehviläinen - Drums (2002-2003)
Jani Laine - Guitars (Crodonium, Demonic Cremation)
Teemu Peltonen - Drums (Crodonium)
Seppo Tiaskorpi - Bass
Sami Heinonen - Guitars
Sampsa Savijärvi - Guitar, Vocals (2006)


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