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In the Name of Suffering

Album: ''In the Name of Suffering'' (1992)
1. Depress
2. Man Is Too Ignorant to Exist
3. Shinobi
4. Pigs
5. Run It into the Ground
6. Godsong
7. Children of God
8. Left to Starve
9. Hostility Dose
10. Hit a Girl

Take as Needed for Pain

Album: ''Take as Needed for Pain'' (1993)
1. Blank
2. Sisterfucker (Part I)
3. Shoplift
4. White Nigger
5. 30$ Bag
6. Disturbance
7. Take as Needed for Pain
8. Sisterfucker (Part II)
9. Crimes Against Skin
10. Kill Your Boss
11. Who Gave Her the Roses
12. Laugh It Off



American sludge band from Louisiana who are known for their dark, sludgy riffs combined with equally dark lyrics. Like many sludge metal bands, Eyehategod draw on both stoner/doom influences as well as hardcore punk.

Eyehategod have noted Melvins, Black Flag, and Black Sabbath as key influences to their sound. This, combined with heavy, detuned, and bluesy riffs dominate the band's sound. They are combined with walls of feedback and distinctive tortured vocals to create a truly misanthropic vibe.

While Jimmy Bower was busy playing drums for Down, rather than sit on their laurels, the other 4 members of Eyehategod formed a side-project called Outlaw Order (abbreviated to OO%). The band released a limited edition 7" EP in 2003 called Legalize Crime, which has since been rereleased on CD with a bonus live track and is available through Eyehategod's webstore. The criminal theme is apparently because at the time of formation, all 5 of the members were on probation, and have consistently been in trouble with the law. Marc Shultz is currently serving a prison sentence and so has been replaced by Justin Grisoli. The band have recorded their 13 track debut full-length and will release it sometime soon, they are "waiting for a label worth a fuck".

Sludge Metal, Doom Metal

Pain, Suffering, Drug Use...

United States of America (New Orleans, Louisiana), formed in 1988

Emetic Records


Michael Williams - vocals (Outlaw Order, Drip, Arson Anthem, Crawlspace, Suffocation By Filth)
Brian Patton - guitars (Soilent Green, Outlaw Order, Nuclear Crucifixion (US), Drip)
Jimmy Bower - guitars (Down, Superjoint Ritual, ex-Crowbar, Debris Inc., ex-Sourvein, ex-Corrosion of Conformity, Drip, ex-Floodgate, The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight)
Gary Mader - bass (Outlaw Order, Hawg Jaw)
Joe LaCaze - drums (Outlaw Order)

Marc Schultz - bass (ex-Outlaw Order)
Steve Dale - guitar
Vince LeBlanc - bass
Danny Nick - bass
Joey Delatte - Drums
Chris Hilliard - Vocals
Kevin Bond - Bass (Superjoint Ritual, Christ Inversion, Nuclear Crucifixion (US), Body And Blood, ex-Floodgate, Artimus Pyledriver)


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