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We Fuckin

Album: ''We Fuckin' Care'' (1987 EP)
1. We Don't Care
2. Play Again
3. Metal Thrust
4. Get Ready To The Shell-Shock

Set the World on Fire

Album: ''Set the World on Fire'' (2005)
1. In Gods Mercy
2. New World Disorder
3. Second Coming
4. Nature
5. Restless Soul
6. Malice and Dynamite
7. Six, Six, Six Like Sex, Sex, Sex
8. S.W.M.
9. Set the World on Fire
10. Free Again
11. The Will to Live
12. Don't Leave Me Alone
13. Carol
14. Ace of Spades (Motörhead Cover)



Extrema are not just another Italian Heavy Metal band, they are Italian heavy Metal! The band, driven by the crunchingly abrasive guitars and energetic personality of Tommy Massara, came to light During the cold Milanese Winter of 86. However the definitive line-up (Mattia Bigi on Bass, Christiano Dalla Peligrino on Drums and GianLuca Perotti on Vocals) was not set in stone until 1989. There then came, after some initial hardships and a spell in the U.S, the forging of a united, solid and extremely tight unit. 1993 saw the release of their first studio album Tension at the seams. The release hit the Italian Metal scene full frontal, which at the time was suffering an identity crises, and as a result started to look upon Extrema as their focal point. The album enjoyed world wide release and was closely followed by an Italian tour cumulating in opening slots for Mettalica as well as the huge Italian star Vasco Rossi who personally chose the band. Their video Child of Boogaow caused interest outside the then rather closed and tight nit Italian Metal scene. The end of 93 saw the release of the mini LP Proud, powerful n alive which included the superb cover of the Dead Kennedys Too drunk to fuck In Jan 1994, Extrema were well and truly baptized, when after enthusiastic reviews they dominated the polls in the best new band category. The following year saw the recording of The Positive Pressure of Injustice a solid and potent release instantly followed by a hardcore tour of over 100 mind-bending, energetic shows. In 1996, to then further enhance their ever growing fan base they collaborated with Italian Rap superstars Articolo 31 recording the single Mollami which was to have been that years true eye of the storm. Although a big hit, the Metal kids were still rather sceptic towards such hybrid forms, and therefore turned up their nose to what they saw as a heavy Metal scandal (they just werent ready). During 1996 and 1999, the war machine Extrema, paused a while to dedicate time towards various side projects and collaborations which included the likes of J Ax and DJ Jad with the release of the classic vai bello/qui non si scherza. In 2001 the album Better Mad than Dead showed the world that they were back, with more energy, power and guts than ever, and once again ready to dominate. This slicing and modern release put them right back on top of the Italian scene. They toured constantly for the first half of the year and then blew their fans away at the Tattoo the Planet gig with Slayer. The second part of the year saw the fans treated to the heavy rotation of their new videos Another Nite and Wannabe A new contract in 2003 treated the fans once again to another video All Around and the compilation of rare Extrema songs And the best is yet to come. This included all their collaborations, remixes as well as 3 new songs. It was polished off with some spectacular artwork and the video the world decline. Since then Extrema have thrown themselves back on stage and into the festival scene with such shows as the Heineken Jammin Festival with Metallica culminating with their success at Flippaut festival with Korn. December 2004 saw a slight line-up change with the departure after 15 years of Chris Dallapellegrina. After a couple of months of auditions, a new name: Paolo Crimi, formally drumming for Beerbong The debut shows were received ecstatically by the fans, so much so that they were invited to participate at Europes and Italys most prestigious rock/Metal festival: Gods of Metal and the famous Summer day in Hell festival. The Fans were many and the reaction was wild, and as their trademark saying goes: It was Un fottuto massacro collettivo (A fucking collective massacre) In June/July the band went into Rodger music Studios to record their latest offering using (The sound pusher) Mauro Androlli ( and gave life to Set the World on Fire. The release date is set for the 11th of November (Ammonia/V2/Edel) The recording of the video Nature(first single) begins in October and then, once and for all, they really will Set the World on Fire. Extrema.Devastating and proud as always

Thrash Metal (early) - Nu Metal (now)

Italy (Milan), formed in 1986

Scarlet Records


Gianluca Perotti - Vocals (guest in Rezophonic)
Tommy Massara - Guitars (guest in Rezophonic)
Mattia Bigi - Bass (Megatherion (Ita))
Paolo Crimi - Drums (Censura, BeerBong)

Stefano Bullegas - Drums, Vocals on "We Fuckin Care" (Incinerator (Ita))
Luca Varisco - Bass, Vocals
Andrea Boria - Lead vocals, Guitar
Walter Andreatta - Guitars
Chris Dalla Pellegrina - Drums (Negrita)
Daniele Vecchi - Vocals (Megatherion (Ita), Curaro)
Julius Loglio - Guitars


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