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Labyrinths of Horror

Album: ''Labyrinths of Horror'' (1995)
1. Intoxicated by Death
2. In the Dark of the Moon
3. Bloodshed of the Holy
4. In Command
5. Creation of Evil
6. Dark Thy Kingdom
7. Punishment for the Weak
8. Labyrinths of Horror
9. Necronomicon - The Gateway to the Seven Mighty Gates of Reincarnation

Dejected in Obscurity

Album: ''Dejected in Obscurity'' (1998)
1. Creatures of the Night... Born into the World of Darkness
2. Deathcult
3. Land of No Return
4. No Redemption
5. Materialization
6. Behold the Mighty Ravenhold
7. Obsessed
8. Dwell in Darkness
9. Dawn of Reincarnation

Berzerker Legions

Album: ''Berzerker Legions'' (2001)
1. Icecold Ugliness (Part 1)
2. Berzerker Legions
3. Sovereignity
4. Bonfire Of The Insanities
5. The Grim Wrecker
6. The Conqueror
7. Deeds Of Hatred
8. Terror Mundi - The Cult Of Fimbulity
9. Into The Realm Of Legend
10. Dawn Of Revelation
11. The Revolutionary Soul

Pestilence Empire

Album: ''Pestilence Empire'' (2002)
1. Ghastly Grotesque
2. Funerary Sculpture
3. Pestifer
4. Death Deceiver
5. Malus Invictus
6. Grand Dome Of Destruction
7. Icecold Ugliness (Part 2)
8. Gruesome Icons
9. A Tyrants Hunger

Nihilistic Contentment

Album: ''Nihilistic Contentment'' (2005)
1. Flesh Havoc
2. Bitter Discipline
3. The Human Rape Symphony
4. Black Walls of Misery
5. Division of Genocide Pleasure
6. Swamp of Decadence
7. Symbols of Inhumanity
8. Fix of Negativity
9. Graveside Mourning Ritual
10. Parasite Paradise



The band was started back in 1992 and was at that time called Mordor. The first demo "Souls Of Purity" was released in 1993. In Dec. 1994 the debut album "Labyrinths Of Horror" was recorded and it was released in June 1995, by Euphonious Records.

In 1997 Exmortem was ready with a new recording, this time it was the promo tape called "Dejected". This lead to a new signing with Euphonious Records, who in 1998 released the second album "Dejected In Obscurity". Later in 1998 Exmortem released a new promo tape and two of the tracks from that tape was later released on a split 7" vinyl in 1999.

After that Exmortem started to work more professionally and that led to a new line-up with two new members in Simon (V) and Reno (D) and with them a new promo-CD was recorded in 2000. Finally in the end of 2000, the band entered the studio to record the "Berzerker Legions" album and it was released in May 2001 by Hammerheart Records.

After the release of "Berzerker Legions" Exmortem got more known in the international metal scene and after having played shows in lots of European countries the band started to work on the next album. This let to the signing with Osmose production who released the fourth album "Pestilence Empire" in Dec. 2002. Since then the band have been on a European tour and played several other shows, plus released two exclusive vinyl releases. With the re-release of Berzerker Legions in the US the band for the first time made a widely distributed release from Exmortem available in the United States

2005: Earache/Wicked World released "Nihilistic Contentment" in Europe and the US. Exmortem followed the release touring England with Behemoth.

Exmortem is right now making songs for the next album and look for a release in the first half of 2007.

Death Metal

Denmark (Århus), formed in 1992



Simon Petersen (aka Smerte) - Vocals (Mareridt, Horned Almighty, Lustration)
Sigtyr (Martin Thim) - Guitars (Mordulv, Illdisposed)
Andreas Schubert (aka Mephistopheles) - Guitar (earlier Bass) (Ad Noctum (Dnk), Mareridt, Hellsermon)
Morten Siersbæk - Drums (Black Dementia, Downlord, Spectral Mortuary, Azalon)
Rune Koldby - Bass (Spectral Mortuary)

Vocals, Bass : Søren Lønne 1993-1999
Guitars : Henrik Kolle 1992-2001
Bass : Mads Weng 1992-1994

Mike Nielsen (1992-1998) (Mordor (Dnk))
Dennis (1998-1999)
Michael Pedersen (aka Galheim) (Livjatan, Ad Noctum (Dnk), Hellsermon, Mareridt, Denial of God, ex-Church Bizarre, ex-Panzerchrist)
Reno Killerich (1999-2001, 2004 (Oct.- Dec.)) (Evil Morgan, Kobeast, 12Gauge, ex-Chthonic (Session), ex-Dimmu Borgir (Live), ex-Downlord (Session), Hate Eternal, Old Man's Child, Panzerchrist, ex-Strangler, ex- Vile (US))


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