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Seas of Eternal Silence

Album: ''Seas of Eternal Silence'' (1997)
1. Intro
2. Seas of Eternal Silence
3. Dreamy Recollection
4. Beyond the Eyes of Universe
5. Forgotten Days
6. Passing Suns
7. Ceaseless Sorrow
8. Guilts of Innocence
9. Monuments

Dance Across the Past

Album: ''Dance Across the Past'' (1998)
1. Images of Our Extinction
2. Withered Sky
3. Dance Across the Past
4. The Slender Light
5. Moonless Night
6. Regrettable Remains
7. Sin
8. My Depression
9. Territory (Sepultura cover)


1] The brute force known to the world as Exhumation, was formed back in January 1990. After having released two demo-tapes The Rebirthö and Deepest Side Of Fear- they signed with well known Danish Metal label Diehard Music/Emz.

In 1996 they recorded their debut album in the highly acclaimed Unisound Studios in Sweden with producer extraordinaire Dan Swano. The outcome was Seas Of Eternal Silenceö and the band took off right away with its incredible melodies, sheer brutality and elegant compositions. The sound of Exhumation on this opus can only be described as the perfect match of speed and melody.

After that the band was ready to take one step further. They concentrated on writing new material for their next album. This time around, their choice of preference was the legendary Fredman Studios in Gothenburg/Sweden with production mastermind Fredrik Nordstrom. During the recording sessions the band did a cover of SepulturaÆ s Territory which was included on the compilation tribute album ôSepultural Feast released on Black Sun Recs.

At that time the band was free to negotiate a new term record deal and among other offers they signed with French label Holy Recs.

On the fall of Æ98 their second album ôDance Across The Pastö was released. The band matured as individuals and as musicians. The songwriting of the album reached another level introducing new elements of melancholy and eerie feelings. This time the sound was more tight, more in -your- face with guitar madness reigning all over!

The album was also licensed in Japan, on Avalon/Marquee, and in a short time Exhumation became Holy RecordÆs top selling band in Japan.

ExhumationÆs growing reputation led to their invitation to perform live at GreeceÆs premier outdoor ôRockwaveö festival, during the summer of 1999 alongside Immortal, Sodom, Manowar and Mercyful Fate!

In the mean time, the band had a whole album's worth of material prepared and August 1999 found them in Gothenburg/Sweden recording their third album. Once again the man behind the console was none other than Fredrik Nordstrom, this time in the new Fredman Studio. Exhumation returned with ôTraumaticonö, a concept album about the mankind mind confusion and psychological trauma. The new songs are now faster, more brutal and the production was rawer than ever with its high quality sound. Remaining are the eerie feelings of melancholy and sorrow, adding to that, straightforwardness and inner rage which sums up the latest delivery from the Dancers Of The Past.

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2] Exhumation is a Death Metal band based in the city of Mumbai in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

The line-up consists of Count Varathora a.k.a Aditya Mehta on Vocals/Bass and Prashant Shah (also with Scribe)on Guitars and Yash Pathak on Drums.

In 2005 they released a full length album titled "Among The Dead", which was put for free download on their site

In 2006, they made their second record, a ear-shattering mix of brutal death metal and blasting goregrind, 'For Personal Consumption Only', which was released as a part of Defaced And Split, India's first death metal split album, available on Demonstealer Records.

The band's website is undergoing a revamp and should be soon available at

Exhumation on MySpace

Melodic Death Metal

depression, regret

Greece (Kalamaria Thessaloniki), formed in 1990

Holy Records


Marios Iliopoulos - lead guitars (Nightrage)
Pantelis Athanasiadis - drums
John Nokteridis - bass, vocals
Panos Giatzoglou - rhythm guitars

Thomas Bairachtaris - guitar (Evade, Homo Iratus)


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