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Mord Nicht Ohne Grund

Album: ''Mord Nicht Ohne Grund'' (2002)
1. Einlauf
2. Ein Böser Scherz
3. Kinderwald
4. Rückrat
5. Leiche Zur See
6. Dein Zweck
7. Mord Nicht Ohne Grund
8. Ewigheim

Auf die harte Kulttour

Album: ''Auf die harte Kulttour'' (2002 EP)
1. Der Wert des Lebens
2. Nur meine Liebe Zählt
3. Ewigheim (feat. Blechbüchse)


Album: ''Heimwege'' (2004)
1. Vorspiel
2. Das Rad der Käfer
3. Der Tanz der Motten
4. Mondtier
5. Leib in Laub
6. Humus Humanus
7. Der Prophet
8. Odem
9. Heimweg



Ewigheim was formed by The Vision Bleak member Allen B. Konstanz and Eisregen drummer Yantit. However, it should be emphasized that it isn't just a project but rather a band.
On their debut "Mord nicht ohne Grund" (No murder without reason) Ewigheim combine credible and heavy guitar music with electronic elements.
The macabre, melodic lyrics deal with interpersonal relationships and the situations that arise from them. This happens in a cynical way with an ironic tone to every song.
Their second album "Heimwege" (Ways homewards) shows new aspects in the work of Ewigheim
The morbid and bizarre lyrics of the debut album are past, the snotty Rock 'n' Roll attitude outlived itself, but the basic impetus remained the same: We are living in a grotesque world working towards its own undoing. You just have to react to that, don’t you! Either with the daring, naïve, absurd and comical murderous desires of "Mord nicht ohne Grund" or as Ewigheim do it now.

In many regards, their new album is sounding more subtle, sophisticated, greater and more beautiful. Yet, Ewigheim have managed to stay true to their own charm and the momentum of sheer grotesqueness; today, they are swaying in the tact of the grand piano, of the frighteningly intense voice rising above itself in the movements of the beetle’s wheel so like a perpetuum mobile, of the lyrics, open to many ways of understanding.

Gothic Metal

Suicide, Murder, Death

Germany (Tambach), formed in 1999

Prophecy Productions


Allen B. Konstanz (Tobias Schönemann) - Vocals, Drums, Piano (ex-Asgaia, The Vision Bleak, ex-Nox Mortis)
Yantit - Guitars, Programming, Lyrics (ex-Eisregen, Transilvanian Beat Club)

Session Musicians:
M. Roth - Vocals (Eisregen)
Theresa (2T) - Violin (ex-Eisregen, ex-Transilvanian Beat Club)


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