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The Tale Of The Horned King

Album: ''The Tale Of The Horned King'' (1993 Demo)
1. The Chant Of The Witch
2. Prologue (Waiting For His Comming)
3. The Return Of The Horned King
4. Sorrow Of The Witch

The Dark Dreamquest Part I

Album: ''The Dark Dreamquest Part I'' (1994 Demo)
1. The Dark Dreamquest (Intro)
2. The Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul
3. The Ancient King Of Ice
4. The Awakening
5. Witchlord

The Saga Of The Horned King

Album: ''The Saga Of The Horned King'' (1995)
1. The Present Age
2. The Chant Of The Witch
3. From The Unknown Domain... (The King Awakes)
4. Through Foggy Plains and Mystic Woods He Rides...
5. Prologue (Waiting For His Comming)
6. The Eve
7. The Return Of The Horned King
8. The Feast
9. Sorrow Of The Witch (Path To A Greater Knowledge)
10. The Saga Of The Horned King


Album: ''Dreamquest'' (1996)
1. Dreamquest
2. Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul
3. Sona-Nyl
4. Flying With The Night-Gaunts
5. Celephaïs
6. The Ancient King Of Ice
7. Sarkomand
8. Darkmere
9. Ulthar
10. Dark Staires Of R'Lyeh
11. Cathuria
12. The Black Crystal Of Astar
13. ...Verso La Città Del Tramonto

Ancient Abbey

Album: ''Ancient Abbey'' (1998 EP)
1. The Tale Of The Witchlord Chapter I: The Gathering, Chapter II: The Sabbath, Chapter III: The Apparition
2. Ancient Abbey (Thunder Remix)
3. Des Gemiedene Schloss
4. Phenomena
5. Prologue (Waiting For His Coming) original demo version


Album: ''Portraits'' (1999)
1. Ouverture
2. Portraits
3. Ancient Abbey
4. Inquisition Begins
5. Once Upon A Time...
6. Il Principle Di Anghisha
7. March For EVOL
8. Il Castello Evitato
9. Il Chierico Grigio
10. Grigia Signora
11. Tower Of The Necromancer
12. Epilogue (Fading Back)

Dies Irae

Album: ''Dies Irae'' (2001)
1. The Chant Of The Witch
2. Prologue (Waiting For His Coming)
3. The Return Of The Horned King
4. Sorrow Of The Witch
5. The Dark Dreamquest (Intro)
6. A Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul (Chutulusumgal`s Presence)
7. The Ancient King Of Ice (Mighty Yugsuduk)
8. The Awakening (Outro)
9. Witchlord (bonus)
10. Sorrow Of The Witch (Live)
11. Saga Of The Horned King (Live)



1) Country: Italy
Style: occult / medieval black metal
Band info:
Giordano Bruno (Prince of Agony) - vocals, keyboards
Suspiria (The Princess of Disease) - female vocals
Samael von Martin (Lord of Sorrow) - electric & acoustic guitars, flute

Evol comes from Italia. It's a 3 piece band that was created in 1993 : 2 men & one woman. The band evolves in the black metal sceene & describes itself as a pure atomospheric black metal act. One thing is sure with Evol it's that they compose in a very original way. Originality in the composition & in the tone that tend to medieval style ("the eve", i.e. ). For instance, Evol has released 2 demos " The Tale of the horned king" & " the dark dreamquest part 1" albums. This last one was released by maggot productions & is still available through Adipocere records. More over, Adipocere recordssigned the band & released 2 albums yet : The first one is called "Saga of the horned King" & the 2d one "Dreamquest". A new mCd & Cd is now scheduled, still with Adipocere records.

Saga of the horned King : Keyboards are an omnipresent instrument in Evol's music. & it's ot only an use for surroundings. Keyboards bring a large part of the melodies & are sometimes the basis of some songs. ("Through foggy pains..." or " the present age" ). There's also 2 singer in the band : the first one in a black metal style, the second one is a female singer ( so, female voice is not only an added voice, put there only for surroundings). These 2 voices are largerly used. When guitars & drums appear, it's often to emphasize & strenghthen melodies. Musically speaking, tempos are rather slow. Surroundings are dark & very sad & based on the repetition. Evol is like a black metal version of old Paradise Lost ( "Sorrow the witch") . For a first album, sound is quite good & arrangements are audacious ( "the return of the horned king"). It's a real anguish album with a rich music based on subtle arrangements.

Dreamquest : With this 2d album, Evol goes in the same way than the first one. But the band has made alot of progress, in thier technical level, in their ability of composition, in their sound, ...Evol is now a mature band & they become fearsome & handsome. It's still a blend of heavy songs with mediaval tone, but this time, tempos are rather rapid & sometimes speed ("flying with the night-gaunts" or "the black crystal of Astar". The whole album seems less dark. Structures of the songs are more complex & the band uses more original instruments & sound, even if keyboards are still omnipresent. Musically speaking, rythmics are more & more heavier & sometimes it can remain Metallica ( "dark stairs of R'lyeh"). Evol succeeds in enriching again its music with a great vocals work : use of various tone, gothic, death, opera, black, female, there's also a pure black metal voice singing!!...Evol still knows how to frighthened audience. Their universe is still fearsome. Evol takes again the basis of its music & continue to innovate & enrich them, to offer a new album that surpass the first one. It's sure that Evol is perhaps too much complex if you want to discover lack metal, but the band, created by skilled musicians is one of the best one & one the most original in that style. Note that there's also an hidden track on Dreamquest...

Evol is back with a mini CD, before a 3d CD (Portraits) that will soon be available. Created in 1993, Evol still pursues its way developped on 'the saga of the horned king' & their last & excellent album 'Dreamquest'. If at their beginning, Evol created keyboards songs among 'classical' ones,, they did differently for their second album which was blending more keyboards within songs. More, some of them were built on keyboards parts instead of doing like several bands( that adds keys parts after creating songs). For this mini CD, Evol makes us wait with 5 tracks. The first one is 11 minutes long & based upon several movements like on classical music. There's 3 chapter. It's a classical made songs for Evol. But the most interesting one is surely the instrumental 'Phenomena' which is very attractive . The tittle track of this album is one of the most brutal song they composed . It starts very rapidly& then it takes a more reasonnable tempos. Still blending a black metal voice with a female spoken voice, Evol masters it more & more through the years. Now, the 3d album must establish them definitly!

2) Evol is also the name of an experimental group from the Austrian Mego label who make abrasive, algorithmic, electronic computer music.

3) Evol also used to be a Californian speed/thrash metal band. They released a demo in 1989 and an album called Experiment in Fear in 1992

Atmospheric Medieval/Folk Black Metal

Medieval Times, Philosophy, H.P. Lovecraft

Italy (Padua), formed in 1993

Adipocere Records


Giordano Bruno (Prince of Agony) - Vocals, Synth, Lyrics (ex-Glory)
Suspiria (Princess of Disease) - Female Vocals
Samael Von Martin (Lord of Sorrow) - All Guitars (Death Dies, ex-Satanel, ex-Abhor (Ita), ex-Glory)
T-Rex (Marquis of Rex Tenebrae) - Bass (Death Dies, ex-Abhor (Ita))
Demian de Saba (Count of Insanity) - Drums (ex-Abhor (Ita), ex-Satanel, Death Dies)


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