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Epistemological Despondency

Album: ''Epistemological Despondency'' (1994)
1. Bereft
2. Only Hate (Baresark)
3. The Noise of Depression

The Pernicious Enigma

Album: ''The Pernicious Enigma'' (1997)
1. Creation (Through Destruction)
2. Dominion of Slaves
3. Allegiance
4. NOXBC9701040
5. Passing through Matter


Album: ''Metamorphogenesis'' (1999)
1. Dissident
2. The Secret of the Secret
3. Psychotropic Transgression

Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum

Album: ''Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum'' (2004)
1. Morphia
2. The Blood of the Eyes
3. Grey Day
4. Arcane Dissolution



There are several performers under name "Esoteric":
1) A funeral doom/death metal band from United Kingdom
2) A death metal band from Mexico
3) Emcee of the Boston hip-hop act 7L & Esoteric
Not to be confused with several bands with similar names:
- The Esoteric, a grindcore band from United States
- Esoterica, a thrash metal band from Bolivia
- Esoteria, a black metal band from France
- Esoteria, a progressive/thrash metal band from Sweden

About the doom metal act from United Kingdom:

ESOTERIC formed in July 1992, after the gathering of five individuals, inspired to create dark, innovative music that was evocative to and expressive of the contents of their psyche. The lyrics and music are reflections and transpositions of their thoughts, philosophies, emotions and experiences. The music captures the essence of the word esoteric.

1993 saw the release of "Esoteric Emotions - The Death of Ignorance" - a demo tape containing 82 minutes of hateful - drug influenced tortured doom with a total of 8 tracks. Almost immediately, this brought about an offer from Aesthetic Death to record a full length CD of new material.

In June 1994, ESOTERIC entered Rich Bitch studios in Birmingham to record 6 tracks (lasting almost 90 minutes). This recording was released as a double CD, titled "Epistemological Despondency". Soon after the recording of this monumental album, Stuart (guitar) and Darren (drums) parted company with the band leaving Greg (vocals), Bryan (bass), Simon and Gordon (guitars). Their departure made little difference in terms of creative input, as they hadnt contributed anything to the writing process. In September of that year, Steve joined ESOTERIC to complete the guitar section. However, a suitable drummer was yet to be found.

Having only played a handful of gigs in the UK, ESOTERIC travelled to Germany to play a series of shows. Half way through the tour, the band were forced to turn back as an injury to one of the guitarists made it impossible to continue. In June 1995, the band was back on the road with a small tour of the UK. This tour was also cut short after only two shows when their equipment was destroyed by fire. Once the equipment was replaced, ESOTERIC began to prepare for the recording of their second release on Aesthetic Death Records.

In 1996, ESOTERIC entered the studio once more to record "The Pernicious Enigma" - Their second Double-CD. Nine tracks, lasting a mind-debilitating 115 minutes. "The Pernicious Enigma" proved to be a more complex, sinister, intense and dissonant release, yet it still maintained the ESOTERIC essence throughout. Towards the end of 1997, ESOTERIC decided to go on tour once more to Germany, one day before they were due to depart, Simon (guitar) left the band with no warning and no apparent reason. Fortunately, Greg (vocals) was able to fill in at short notice. This has since become a permanent arrangement. Aside from the fact that ESOTERIC were now two members short (still surviving without a drummer), the tour was relatively successful.

Progress was becoming slow without a full line-up and with increasing work commitments, and the three tracks that were in development over a period of two years were recorded in order to make way for new material - Eibon Records (Italy) offered to release these tracks which were recorded, engineered and produced entirely by the band themselves. In 1999, "Metamorphogenesis", was unleashed. This release, containing only three tracks, is often described as a Mini-CD in comparison with the first two albums, yet it has a total playing time of nearly 45 minutes. "Metamorphogenesis" shows ESOTERIC to be more extreme and diverse than ever - displaying levels of perception that are not normally expressed in such a genre (if it can be described as part of any genre). Still surviving without a permanent drummer, session drums were recorded courtesy of Keith York.

In May 2002, just one week before ESOTERIC were due to start recording their fourth album, Bryan (Bass) left the band leaving the three remaining members to record the album. This was done at intervals over a period of time spanning across the rest of the year and into 2003, giving the band time to fine-tune the recording and production and also giving time to allow the session musicians (Keith York - Drums and Trevor Lines - Bass) to learn and record their parts. After a lot of negotiation with various labels, ESOTERIC have signed with Season of Mist and the album titled "Subconscious Dissolution into the Continuum" is due to be released on June 28th 2004. It contains four songs and lasts 51 minutes. This release sees the band as uncompromising as ever, with a more refined yet totally bombastic production.

ESOTERIC are now back to a full line-up with the recent addition of three new members found during the summer of 2003. Andy Semmens (Drums), Mark Bodossian (Bass) and Olivier Goyet (Keyboards). The addition of the keyboard player allows the band to orchestrate the material better in the live environment, where the use of an extra instrument has become necessary to emulate the complexity of the studio recordings. This was demonstrated successfully during the recent tour of Europe in April 2004, where the band played in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Belgium and Holland, with bands such as While Heaven Wept, Indesinence, Officium Triste, Mourning Beloveth, Thee Plague Of Gentlemen, Pantheist, and many others.

Funeral Doom/Death Metal

Misanthropy, infinite space, dreams, isolation

United Kingdom (Birmingham), formed in 1992

Season of Mist


Greg Chandler - vocals, guitar (1992-)
Gordon Bicknell - guitar (1992-)
Mark Bodossian - bass (ex-Chalice (Aus), ex-Mournful Congregation, Pantheist)
Olivier Goyet - keyboards
Joe Fletcher - drums
Steve Peters - guitars

Stuart (1992-1994)
Simon (1992-1997)

Bryan Beck (1992-2002)

Anthony (1997)
Darren (1992-1994)
Ric Barnes (Session) (Unsilence, Mephisto (UK))
Andy Semmens (2003-2005) (ex-Helgrind (UK), Pantheist, ex-Moss (UK))
Keith York (1999, 2004)


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