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Dream Once More

Album: ''Dream Once More'' (2000 Demo)
1. Seal to a Century
2. Northern Paladins
3. Dream Once More
4. The Ivory Age
5. Fields of the Beyond
6. Epilogue

Grace Upon the Realm

Album: ''Grace Upon the Realm'' (2002 Demo)
1. Reign of Eternity
2. Eulogy
3. Northern Paladins
4. Victory Sonata
5. Fatherland
6. And Deeds Live On
7. The Resignation of False Arts
8. Knee-Deep in Doom

Into Demise and Victory

Album: ''Into Demise and Victory'' (2005 EP)
1. They War the Fallen Lords
2. Cycle of Light and Shadow
3. Expedition (Into Demise and Victory)
4. Marching Out



Epiclore, which plays symphonic epic atmospheric metal, was founded in April 2000 by Olli & Panu Hurskainen in Joensuu, Finland. Back then, Olli played all the instruments except drums, of which Panu took care on the first demo. The band worked under the project name Endeavour at that time. The first demo "Eulogy" was produced in our school's music class and released in May 2000. Two songs of the demo were also released on a collection of songs produced in our school.

Shortly after the release, keyboardist Petri Pulli and bass player Ercci Pietilä joined the band. New songs were heard on the second demo, "Dream Once More", which was finally released on 22.1.2001 after a long struggle with the CD covers... Just before the release, we decided to change the band's name due to some disagreements with an other band with the same name... We agreed that the new name was to be "Epiclore" (as a combination of the words 'epic' and 'lore') feeling it would best represent the kind of music we perform.

During spring 2001, the songs "Fatherland" and "The Resignation of False Arts" were produced and released on the website. These songs were also released on the 2001 Lyysseo Rock Collection. Olli's national service began in July 2001 and ended one year later. Some time after that, the band's third demo, "Grace Upon The Realm", which includes these two songs and some remakes of older songs, was produced and released on Sunday 13. 10. 2002. It ended a 1½-year period of inactivity.

The inactivity continued as other members were summoned to the military as well. Very few gigs have been played because of this. However, the creative process went on, and finally in August 2005 the latest release "Into Demise and Victory" was born, containing the longest song in the band's history, the 29-minute epic title song. This release is the first one available globally in CD-format. It can be ordered through a new independent music record store

On fall 2006 band started recording their next full length album, "Labyrinth Alpha". It was originally scheduled for December 2006, but due studio bookings it was postponed to 2007. Remaining recordings will be done in February, and hopefully the release will be by the end of March 2007. Stay tuned.

Symphonic/Epic/Atmospheric Metal

Finland (Joensuu), formed in 2000



Olli Hurskainen - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
Ercci "Erska" Pietilä - Bass
Petri Pulli - Keyboards
Panu Hurskainen - Drums, Percussion


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