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Divine Infinity

Album: ''Divine Infinity'' (1997 Demo)
1. In the Frame of Wilderness
2. My Mistress
3. Passion Flower
4. My Mistress

The Treasures Within Hearts

Album: ''The Treasures Within Hearts'' (1999)
1. Thy Guiding Light
2. Deliverance
3. In the Frame of Wilderness
4. My Mistress
5. Enjoy the Silence
6. Veiled Woman
7. Don't Let this Night be Over

New Dawn

Album: ''New Dawn'' (2000 Single)
1. New Dawn
2. Closer (my love) --single edit


Album: ''Gone'' (2001)
1. Losing the Ground
2. Snow White Suicide
3. Closer (My Love)
4. New Dawn
5. Grace
6. Silence is Killing Me
7. Thru the Darkness
8. Blood of your Soul

Time of Despair

Album: ''Time of Despair'' (2002)
1. Stream of Life
2. The Pit
3. Nothing Left to Say
4. Safe in a Dream
5. Burden
6. Falling Apart
7. Until the End
8. Learn to Let Go
9. Time of Despair

The Pit

Album: ''The Pit'' (2002 Single)
1. The Pit
2. Tears are Falling (Kiss Cover)


Album: ''DiEversity'' (2004)
1. Intro
2. Bitter Sweet
3. Someone To Blame
4. Bleeding For The Cure
5. Still Remains
6. Frozen By The Sun
7. Six Feet Down Below
8. Refill My Soul
9. Everything For You
10. Nothing's Forever
11. Lost Within


Album: ''Sliver'' (2005 EP)
1. Break Me
2. Carry on Dancing (Savage Garden cover)
3. Still Waiting
4. Still Remains (live)
5. The Pit (live)

Fatal Design

Album: ''Fatal Design'' (2006)
1. Fatal Design
2. Chameleon Halo
3. Out Of You
4. Surrender
5. Oblivion
6. Twisted
7. Insomniac
8. My Serenity
9. Break Me
10. Curtained Life



ENTWINE is one of the most progressive Finnish gothic metal bands for the last decade. It was formed in March 1995 and started as a death metal band but gradually changed its style to a more melodical but still emotional one. In the beginning ENTWINE consisted of three members - Aksu Hanttu (drums), Tom Mikkola (guitar/vocals) and Teppo Taipale (bass), but they realised that they need a better vocalist and even a keyboardist, so they could do the music they really wanted.
After some member changes, ENTWINE contained 6 members: Hanttu, Mikkola, Riitta Heikkonen (keyboards), Mika Tauriainen (vocals), Joni Miettinen (bass) and Jaani Kähkönen (guitar). With this line-up they released their last three albums, the latest being Fatal Design in 2006. Heikkonen left in December 2006, and the band is not going to replace her. The gothic influence is not that visible nowadays as it used to be and the band has moved towards more straight-forward radio-playable hard rock. Meanwhile, their experience brings confidence to their song-writing and performance on both record and stage.

Gothic Metal

Love, death and suicide

Finland (Lahti), formed in 1995

Century Media/Spinefarm


Mika Tauriainen - Vocals (1999-) (Sham Rain)
Tom Mikkola - Guitar (1995-) (+Growls 1995-1998) (Tuoni)
Jaani Kähkönen - Guitar (2001-) (ex-Tuoni)
Joni Miettinen - Bass (1999-)
Aki Hanttu - Drums, Backing Vocals (1995-) (Tuoni)

Panu Willman - Vocals/Guitar (1997-1999) (ex-Before the Dawn, Dark Filth Fraternity, ex-St. Hood)
Teppo Taipale - Bass (1995-1999)
Riitta Heikkonen - Keyboards (1997-2006)
Saara Hellström - Session Female Vocals (on The Treasures within Hearts, Gone and Time of Despair)


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