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Ananke or The Spiral -Trinity beyond Alfa & Omega

Album: ''Ananke or The Spiral -Trinity beyond Alfa & Omega'' (2000 Demo)
1. Bleeding Womb of Ananke
2. Complicatio Opositorum et Eorum Coincidencia
3. A Descent Into Contradiction

Bleeding Womb Of Ananke - Il sangue e l

Album: ''Bleeding Womb Of Ananke - Il sangue e l'inchiostro di Fredegisio'' (2001)
1. Shattered Void
2. The Spyral Stygmata
3. I (Be & Will Be)
4. Tanz Der Erinnerung (Chants of the Void Disciples)
5. In The Blossom Of Inertness
6. Aletheia
7. Amber Shrine
8. The Ivory Ouroboros

Opus Dementiae - Per Speculum Et In Aenigmate

Album: ''Opus Dementiae - Per Speculum Et In Aenigmate'' (2004)
1. Jaldabaoth At The Sprint Of Time
2. In The Flesh (Visione Della Passione)
3. Sophia´s Fall
4. Faith Defeat
5. Salmo A Nessuno
6. White Lamb Seducer (40 Days & 40 Nights)
7. Lies Of The Mirror Which Lies Not
8. Sun Of The Liar
9. Proudly Divine (Ink & Mirrors & Empty Tomb)
10. Sophia´s Fall (Sophies Welt RX by Bruno Kramm / Das Ich)

Project X-Katon

Album: ''Project X-Katon'' (2006)
1. In the Name of Freedom
2. Condemned
3. Kirillow's Bullet (Aleksjej Nilyc: A Russian Trilogy Pt. 1)
4. D-Generation
5. Icons in the Dust
6. Un Petalo Di Pieta'
7. Getsemani
8. The Source Becoms Desert
9. Holy Bleeds (Rodian Romanyc: A Russian Trilogy Pt.2)
10. Pain, Pride and Regret
11. Leaving No Trace Behind (Ivan Karamazov: A Russian Trilogy Pt. 3)
12. In the Name of Freedom (Reprise)



Since 1997 Ensoph, whose name is taken from the hebrew word for "infinity", explore a really personal artistic path blending in their music extreme metal, gothic, prog & electro-industrial with an unique and immediately recognizable weird experimental taste. Their aesthetic research has its roots in the attempt to read and interpret the modern anxiety for an un-thinking future with suggestions coming from esoterism, philosophy, apocryphal literature and tragical theology. The result is a perfect soundtrack for the nowadays (yet ancient) neurotic, insatiable, desperate hunger for apocalipse.

Gothic Avant-garde Metal

Italy (Venice), formed in 1997

Cruz Del Sur Music


N-Ikonoclast - Vocals (ex-Etrom and Death Dies)
Xraphæl - Guitar, sampling, programming (Endaymynion)
KKTZ - Bass (Burial Place, Bleed in Vain, Cum Fragore, The Second Coming)
Anna - Flute
Next-X@nctum - Keyboards, piano, accordion
Xenos - Drums (Frastuono)

Patrizia - Female vocals
Mahavira - Male vocals (Drastique)

Giovanna (Burial Place, ex-Death Dies) - Vocals on the song ``Sophia's Fall``.
Antonella Buosi (Scarecrown) - Vocals on several songs of ``Project X-Katon``.


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