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Shortest Distance From The Truth

Album: ''Shortest Distance From The Truth'' (1999)
1. Human Aggression
2. S.D.F.T.
3. Who Are You?
4. Unknown Future
5. 100rpm
6. Evil Never Dies
7. Suffer With Lies
8. My Vision
9. Che Bella Ragazza E Mia
10. Life Is Pain
11. Kill The Old Man

Through The Thorns

Album: ''Through The Thorns'' (2003)
1. Misery Path
2. End It
3. Nerve Noir
4. Anti Trust
5. 200rpm
6. Raped Souls the bones

Album: '' the bones'' (2005 Demo)
1. Pointless Revelation
2. Broken World
3. In Spite Of Emptiness


In late 1996. first line-up of E.N.D. was gathered for their first rehearsal in Zadar/Croatia. One year later, serious work starts to be a part of their interests.

During these several years, besides the large number of people that passed through the band, image and genre of the band was changing gradualy. At first they worked exclusively on HARD-CORE music but in time METAL starts to be the ground zero of inspiration.

Today, the stile they grew is based on swedish DEATH/THRASH scene and american HARD-CORE. Experience that the band collected can be expressed by a large number of gigs all over Croatia and some in Slovenia and two demo records: "Shortest Distance From The Truth" recorded in 1999. and "Thru The Thorns" in 2003. at Studijo za sirotinju in Rijeka/Croatia.

Also there is one song recorded for Stoormbreed compilation of Infaustum projects called "Free Yourself" . Video for that song was recorded and placed on "Thru The Thorns" demo.

In march 2005. band recorded three new songs. This time much more effort was dedicated to production in order to spread the good word about quality of the band. This promo material named " the bones!" contains also second video, live pictures and multimedia. This and every other information can be found on webpage along with mp3`s, pictures and video downloads.

In a list of shows E.N.D. shared stage with: PUNGENT STENCH, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, GOD DETHRONED, among many other great names.

Last few years were pretty hard because of the guitarist/vocals separation from the rest of the band. Although he lives in another town in order to graduate from faculty, they still manage to find some time and organize a rehearsal. Things are going very slow but the results are here.

In october 2005 band suffered a horrible accident. They lost a dear friend and a bass player Brane who died in a car accident

But according to what Brane would like and the band's strong will, E.N.D. kept playing!

Todays line-up consists of four members:

Alen (guitar/vocals)

Mario (guitar) (also in VENDETA)

Didin (drums)

Segy (bass) (also in ZYON)


Misery, evil, pain

Croatia (Zadar), formed in 1996



Didin - drums (Zyon)
Alen - guitars, vocals
Mario - guitars (Vendeta)
Luka - bass

Branko Koleno - bass (R.I.P. 1979 - october 2005, he died in car accident)


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