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A  Blueprint of the World

Album: ''A Blueprint of the World'' (1995)
1. The Thirst
2. Catharsis
3. Oasis
4. Acquaintance
5. Mae Dae
6. At Death's Door
7. East of Eden
8. Nighttime Sky
9. Enchanted
10. Open Eyes


Album: ''Wounded'' (1996)
1. Below Zero
2. Fade 2 Grey
3. Pure
4. Broken
5. Hostile World
6. Look Away
7. Armour
8. Distractions
9. Missing

Time Lost

Album: ''Time Lost'' (1997)
1. Blind Sided
2. New Moon
3. Under the Sun
4. Foundations
5. Interact
6. Standing Ground
7. Mettle Man


Album: ''Break'' (1998)
1. Break
2. King
3. My Enemy
4. Defenseless
5. The Lizard
6. Surrounded
7. Silence
8. In the Dark
9. My Gavel Hand
10. The Cross
11. Once a Week

Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10

Album: ''Juggling 9 Or Dropping 10'' (2000)
1. Paint the Picture
2. Rough Draft
3. What to Say
4. Bite My Tongue
5. Colors Fade
6. Juggling Knives
7. Black Eyes & Broken Glass
8. Elyse
9. Shell of a Man
10. Broken Wave
11. Traces
12. Know That

Blink of An Eye

Album: ''Blink of An Eye'' (2002)
1. Under Fire
2. Monday
3. Seeds of Hate
4. Flat Line
5. Follow the Sun
6. Ultimate Gift
7. My Everafter
8. Invisible
9. Despicable
10. Prognosis (Bonus Track)

Tug of War

Album: ''Tug of War'' (2003)
1. Sinking Sand
2. Tug of War
3. Holding the Wind
4. Beautiful
5. Queen of the Informed
6. Living in a Movie
7. Long Way Down
8. See No Evil
9. Progtology
10. Comatose

Live At Last

Album: ''Live At Last'' (2004 Live album)
1. Mae Dae
2. At Death's Door
3. Sinking Sand
4. Under Fire
5. Broken Wave
6. Blindsided
7. Acquaintance
8. Monday
9. Progtology
10. The Thirst
11. Paint the Picture
12. Oasis



Enchant is an American progressive rock band from the San Francisco Bay area. Members include Ted Leonard (vocals), Doug Ott (guitar), Ed Platt (bass), Bill Jenkins (keyboards) and Sean Flanegan (drums).

The band combines elements of progressive rock/metal, classic and melodic rock, and at times jazz or blues sounds in their music. They are often compared to other prog-rock bands such as Dream Theater, Rush or Kansas. Their debut album, A Blueprint of the World was partly produced by Steve Rothery of Marillion.

Enchant are still one of the partly-undiscovered talents in rock music, especially in the United States. Ted Leonard's vocals combine high melodic singing with low melancholic singing, not to mention his subtle yet beautiful harmonies.

Progressive Metal/Rock

United States of America (San Francisco, CA), formed in 1991

InsideOut Music


Ted Leonard - vocals (Thought Chamber)
Douglas Ott - guitars
Bill Jenkins - keyboards
Ed Platt - bass
Sean Flanegan - drums

Paul Craddick - drums
Michael Geimer - keyboards


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