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Album: ''Hypnotica'' (2001)
1. Hypnotica
2. Fool In Love
3. Into The Light
4. You're All That I'm Looking For
5. Spread My Wings
6. Bad, Bad Boy
7. Here I Am
8. I Will Always Be There
9. A Different Sign
10. Shelter
11. Back To Me
12. Another Place, Another Time

Trading Souls

Album: ''Trading Souls'' (2003)
1. One In A Million
2. Pay Back Time
3. Teenage Deadhead
4. Big World, Little Man
5. You
6. Perfect Singularity
7. Wherever You Go
8. Did You Ever Love Me
9. Comin' Home
10. Back In The Light

The Raven Ride

Album: ''The Raven Ride'' (2006)
1. The Raven Ride
2. Breathe
3. Carbon Based Lifeform
4. Satanic Curses
5. Al Sirat - The Bridge To Paradise
6. What Would I Do
7. Changing World
8. Maximum
9. I Can't Trust Myself
10. The Devil Speaks, The Sinner Cries



There are 2 bands called Empire.

Empire were an early 80's emo band featuring the legendary Derwood and Mark Laff of Generation X and released the classic 'Expensive Sound' LP in 1981.
Mixing emo and post punk sounds they have been compared to early Joy Division and The Cure aswell as more obvious bands liek Rites of Spring.

Empire is a heavy rock super group project brought together by guitarist Rolf Munkes. Past members include Tony Martin, Lance King, Don Airey and Gerald Kloos.

The new album will be called "CHASING SHADOWS" and is ready for a release on november 23rd 2007 by "Metal Heaven".

The Line Up is as follows:
Doogie White - Vocals
Neil Murray - Bass
Mike Terrana - Drums
Rolf Munkes - Guitars

Heavy metal/Rock

Germany, formed in 2001

Lion Music


Vocals - Doogie White (Yngwie J. Malmsteen, ex-Rainbow, ex-Balance of Power, ex-Pink Cream 69, ex-Praying Mantis, The Ring (guest))
Guitar - Rolf Munkes (ex-Majesty (Ger), Razorback, ex-Vanize, Dawnrider (Ger))
Bass - Neil Murray (Brian May, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, M3, National Health, Company of Snakes, Bow Wow, Gogmagog (UK), Rondinelli, Driveshaft (Guest), Iommi (Guest), Tony Martin, ex-Black Sabbath)
Drums - Mike Terrana (Savage Circus, Artension, ex-Rage (Ger), Roland Grapow, ex-Squealer (Ger), Victor Smolski, ex-Metalium (Ger), ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Kiko Loureiro, ex-John West, Tony MacAlpine, ex-Gamma Ray, Masterplan, Hanover Fist, ex session for Not Fragile)
Keyboards - Don Airey (ex-Alaska (UK), Crossbones (Guest),ex-Judas Priest, ex-Anthem (Jpn), ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Iommi, Deep Purple, ex-Glenn Tipton, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Rainbow, ex-Sinner (Ger), ex-Divlje Jagode, The Cage, M.S.G., Whitesnake)

Drums - Andre Hilgers (Asmodina, ex-Noisehunter, Axxis, ex-Mendacious Messiah, ex-Ninja (Ger), The Sygnet, ex-Vanize, Razorback, Silent Force, Rage (Ger), Nuclear Blast Allstars)
Drums - Gerald Kloos
Vocals - Tony Martin (ex-Black Sabbath, Rondinelli, The Cage, M3, Giuntini Project)
Vocals - Lance King (ex-Pyramaze, Defyance, Avian (US), ex-Balance of Power (UK), ex-The King's Machine, ex-Gemini (US), Decible, ex-Magic Kingdom, Fabio Rocha's Shining Star)

+ Guests :
Mark Boals - Vocals (Ring of Fire, Genius, ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen)
Anders Johansson - Drums (ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Hammerfall,The Johansson Brothers, ex-Silver Mountain, Jens Johansson, Winterlong, ex-Keegan , Planet Alliance)


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