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Embrace the Eternal

Album: ''Embrace the Eternal'' (1998)
1. 20 Tounges
2. Breed
3. Swine
4. Blinded
5. Religious Infamy
6. Strength
7. Golgotha
8. Carnival Chail
9. Embrace
10. Bonus Track


Album: ''1993-1996'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Cryptic Descension
2. Dismembering Death
3. Stillborn Natality
4. Entropy
5. Shroud of Darkness
6. Legion of Damnation
7. Apocalypse of the Suffering
8. Persecute Me
9. Golgotha (demo version)
10. Religious Infamy (demo version)

The Narrow Scope of Things

Album: ''The Narrow Scope of Things'' (2000)
1. Winter Kiss
2. Pendulum
3. One Less Addiction
4. Greedy Hands
5. Confessions
6. Assembly Line Humans
7. Prelude
8. Killing the Me in Me
9. Critical Error
10. Ballad
11. One Less Addiction [Acoustic]
12. Aftermath of Closure

Hold Your Breath

Album: ''Hold Your Breath'' (2001)
1. Yours Truly
2. Belly Up
3. Decade
4. K-9
5. Set the Stage
6. Heaven in a Letter Bomb
7. Season's End
8. Binge and Purge
9. Moving On
10. Cruise Control

Songs for the Living

Album: ''Songs for the Living'' (2002)
1. Reaching Out
2. She's There
3. Golden Rule
4. Time
5. Who's to Blame
6. Don't Go
7. Segue Station
8. It's Alright
9. White Flag
10. Jaywalk



Embodyment are a Christian metal band from Arlington, Texas which formed in 1993 and were first known by the name "Supplication". They commenced as a death metal band and released 3 demos under this style, which later appeared altogether on a full-length independent release entitled "1993-1996".

Their debut album, "Embrace the Eternal", showed a change in style as Embodyment moved from death metal to mid-paced grindcore. "Embrace the Eternal" featured re-makes of the songs "Golgotha" and "Religious Infamy", which were originally from their demos, as well as guest vocals by Bruce Fitzhugh, vocalist for seminal Christian metal band Living Sacrifice.

After the departure of Kris McCaddon on vocals, Embodyment welcomed Sean Corbray as vocalist and recorded "''The Narrow Scope of Things''", released in 2000. This album was the band's first step away from any of the heavier metal subgenres. Instead, their sound on the album was adjusted to alternative metal with hard rock influences and was the first album to feature actual singing and some screamed vocal parts rather than any form of death vocals.

Embodyment next released Hold Your Breath in 2001, an album which saw the removal of all screamed vocals and yet more slight shift away from the remaining metal influence there had been on "The Narrow Scope of Things". Their last album, "''Songs for the Living''", released under [[XS Records]] in 2002, completed the band's transition to alternative/indie rock and was originally made as an industry demo meant to get the band signed to a major label.

Embodyment later disbanded in early 2004 to the disappointment of loyal fans.

Andrew Godwin, Mark Garza and Kris McCaddon have finally resurfaced with a new band, [ The Famine]

Death Metal (early), Metalcore, Modern Rock (late)

Christianity, society, relationships, hypocrisy

United States of America (Arlington, TX), formed in 1993

Solid State


Sean Corbray - vocals
Andrew Godwin - guitar (2000-02) (The Famine)
Jason Lindquist - guitar (1993-99)
Stone (Derrick Wadsworth) - drums

Kris McCaddon - vocals (The Famine)
Mark Garza - drums (The Famine)
Kevin Donnini - bass
James Lanigan - guitar (1993-99)
Taylor Smith - guitar


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