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There Was Blood Everywhere

Album: ''There Was Blood Everywhere'' (1997 Best of/Compilation)
1. There Was Blood Everywhere
2. The Necro-Filing Cabinet
3. Blood Sucking Freaks
4. May The Wounds Bleed Forever
5. Rotten Body Fluids
6. Bone Box
7. Morbid Confessions
8. The Cellar

13 Faces of Death

Album: ''13 Faces of Death'' (2006)
1. Scourged of Your Innocence
2. They Can Smell Our Blood
3. Beheaded Without A Drop Spilt
4. Limbs In The Grinder
5. Vengeance Through Homicide
6. Mutilation At The Altar
7. Horrific Distain
8. Rotten Body Fluids (2006)
9. There Was Blood Everywhere (2006)
10. The More Fuckers Dead, The Better
11. Into The Oven (2006)
12. Devil's Night
13. XIII



EMBALMER was formed in 1989 and came out puking out gore and pure brutality. The first demo, Into The Oven was released in 1991 with original bassist/vocalist Toby Wulff. Toby soon left the band and was replaced by vocalist Rick Fleming. This lineup released the second demo, Rotting Remains in 1993, which sealed their domination of the early/mid 90's Cleveland Death Metal scene. EMBALMER then recorded the now legendary There Was Blood Everywhere 7", which was released in 1995 by Relapse Records and then re-released on CD with the four songs from the Rotting Remains demo in 1997. Unfortunately, the band broke up later that year leaving much unreleased material and many disappointed fans. Now it's 2005 and EMBALMER is back, better, gorier, sicker and more brutal than ever with original drummer Roy Stewart, Rick Fleming on Lead vocals, Don Wolff on Lead Guitar, Duane Morris on Guitar and Rob Lesniak on Bass. EMBALMER have finally put out a new and long overdue release entitled 13 FACES OF DEATH, which was produced by lead vocalist Rick Fleming, combining a few re-recorded classics and some brand news songs guaranteed to peel back your fucking face. EMBALMER would like to thank all the people that have supported us back then and those who still support the band now, as well as new fans who are hearing this band for the first time. And a HUGE FUCK OFF TO well, you know who you are... Get ready, freaks. Embalmer lives. MERCH!!!! CDs: Into The Oven 1991 demo reissue - $5.00, Rotting Remains 1993 demo reissue - $5.00, 13 Faces of Death - $10.00, Shirts: Into The Oven (white shirt, short sleeve only) - $10.00, Projectile Vomit (black shirt, red and white print, double sided) shortsleeve - $15.00, longsleeve - $25.00... Prices do not include shipping, contact Roy at to order or for more info.

Death Metal

Gore, Death, Horror, Torture...

United States of America (Parma, Ohio), formed in 1989

Pathos Productions


Lee Andrews - (session) Drums (Decrepit, ex-Dislimb)
Rick Fleming - Vocals (Miscarriage (US))
Rob Lesniak - Bass, Vocals (ex-Chimaira, Decrepit, ex-Nunslaughter, ex-Necrotic Disgorgement, ex-Dislimb, ex-Gutrot)
Duane Morris - Guitar, Vocals (ex-Dead of Night (US), Decrepit, ex-From The Depths, Funeral Pyre (US), ex-Incantation, Manticore (US), ex-Mutilation (US), ex-Nunslaughter, ex-Terror, ex-Sanctorum (US))
Don Wolff - Guitar (ex-Dislimb, Black Trinity (US))

Mark Davis - Guitar
Brian Holmberg - Bass
John Jermann - Guitar
Dave Phillips - Bass (Miscarriage (US))
Roy Stewart - Drums (Blessed Sickness)
Toby Wulff - Vocals, Bass (Terror (US), Guest vocals for Decrepit)


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