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To Oak Woods Bestowed

Album: ''To Oak Woods Bestowed'' (2000 Demo)
1. To Oak Woods Bestowed
2. White Willow
3. Banquet of Bards
4. Oakenshield
5. Under the Tree of U'sdum


Album: ''Heathenreel'' (2001)
1. To Oak Woods Bestowed
2. Pagan Purity
3. The Dweller of Rhymes
4. The Regality Dance
5. White Willow
6. Skywards
7. Oakenshield
8. Hobs an' Feathers
9. Conjuring of the 14th
10. A Dreadful Strain
11. Seasonspeech


Album: ''Wyrd'' (2004)
1. The Losers' Ball
2. Pathfinders
3. Jigsaw Puzzle
4. The Silk Dilemma
5. Disappearing Sands *
6. Moonchariot
7. The Perpetual Knot
8. Another Haven
9. A Fiery Stride *
10. Midnight Circus
11. A Poem for the Firmament

The Winter Wake

Album: ''The Winter Wake'' (2006)
1. Trows Kind
2. Swallowtail
3. The Winter Wake
4. The Wanderer
5. March of Fools
6. On the Morning Dew
7. Devil's Carriage
8. Rats Are Following
9. Rouse Your Dream
10. Neverending Nights
11. Disillusion's Reel

The Scythe

Album: ''The Scythe'' (2007)
1. The Scythe
2. Lost Hill of Memories
3. Infection
4. Poison Tears
5. A Riddle of Stars
6. Romance & Wrath
7. The Divided Heart
8. Totentanz
9. Death and the Suffering
10. Dominhate



Elvenking is an Italian Folk Metal band that was formed in October 1997, by guitarists Aydan and Jarpen. In March 1998, singer Damnagoras joins the band and only in the following September the group finds a definite stability with the arrival of Zender on the drums.

Right from the beginning, Elvenking set themselves the objective of finding a formula which can combine power metal, folk music and extreme sounds in a unique mixture. The one and only promo-cd “To Oak Woods Bestowed “ that was recorded in 2000, led the band to sign directly a contract with German leading label AFM-Records.

Meanwhile Elvenking enriches their sound with the entry of new bass player Gorlan. He first appeared in the band as a session player, but soon he joined Elvenking permanently as a member at all effects.

The first official album, "HEATHENREEL" was released on July 23rd 2001 and received flattering reviews all over the metal-world, becoming “album of the month” in many magazines and webzines.

Due to various reasons, singer Damnagoras is forced to leave the band in August 2002. With the new singer Kleid and the addition of the violin/keyboard player Elyghen, Elvenking records “WYRD”, which was officially released on April 19th 2004.

A difficult period that followed the release of the second album, led to a drastic line-up change that saw the return of the former vocalist Damnagoras and the split with Kleid and guitarist Jarpen.

On the live activity side, the band has always carried on hitting the stages around Europe, also playing at festivals such as Sziget (Hungary), Bloodstock (UK), Agglutination (Italy), Tradate Iron Fest (Italy), D:O:A (Germany)…

Strengthened by the renewed spirit within the five piece line-up, Elvenking set themselves the goal to create the best and strongest material they’d ever written.

The new album “THE WINTER WAKE” was released on January 2006 and showed once again the main features that made Elvenking a unique band in the current metal scene: fresh and original sound that mixes enchanting melodies, heavy metal groove, catchy choruses and acoustic elements.

September 2007 sees the release of their amazing new album "The Scythe", which steps up their sound in all respects and see a newfound heaviness only hinted at on The Winter Wake in songs such as the title track...check out the samples at their myspace

Power/Folk Metal


Italy (Sacile (Pordenone)), formed in 1997

AFM Records


Damnagoras - Vocals (1998-02, 2004-) (Leprechaun (Ita))
Aydan - Guitars (1997-)
Gorlan - Bass (2001-)
Elyghen - Keyboards, Violin (2002-)
Zender - Drums (1998-) (ex-Human Mind Secrets)
Luca - Live Guitar

Jarpen - Guitar, Growls (1997-2005)
Kleid - Vocals (2002-2004)
Sargon - Bass
Francesco Anselmi - Drums
Diego Lucchese - Drums


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