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Last And Only

Album: ''Last And Only'' (1995)
1. Intro (A Few Seconds Of Freedom)
2. The Inscription (Roma Back To India)
3. Return of Flame
4. Inner Fight
5. Last And Only
6. Spanish Castle
7. Outro (The End)

After War

Album: ''After War'' (2003)
1. Lack of Independence
2. Listen
3. Suffer
4. It Would Only Be a Lie
5. Miss World
6. Caught in an Illusion
7. The Urge
8. Wake Up
9. Snake in the Grass
10. This is God (Bonus Track)
11. Awake From Your Sleep (Bonus Track)


Album: ''Irrational'' (2005)
1. The New Generation
2. Lovesick
3. For the Rest of My Life
4. Gladiator
5. In Devil's Hand
6. Apocalyptic Visions (The Rage of God)
7. Face to Face
8. The Power of Dreams
9. Not You
10. Love Must Survive


Album: ''Grey'' (Full-length)
1. World United
2. Illumination
3. The Journey
4. Grey
5. Beast in You
6. Heart of Stone
7. Inscription
8. Nig Time
9. Never
10. Doom
11. Last and Only



EKPYROSIS is an Austrian heavy/power metal band formed in 1989. Though their sound has strong straight-edged 80s roots with aggressive vocals and raw guitars it's also marked with modern elements, strong melodies and a touch of US epic metal feeling.

The first 6-track demo, entitled "Alone", was unleashed in 1990. The years, line-up changes and a second and barely noticed 4-track-ep went by, EKPYROSIS have been support act for legends like DEEP PURPLE and KREATOR before they released their debut album "Last and only", which of course shouldn't be the last and only album by this band and after touring with METAL CHURCH, PAUL Diā€™ANNO, KINGDOM COME, SKYCLAD, GOTTHARD and HELLOWEEN among others EKPYROSIS decided to broaden their musical spectrum by adding keyboard player RICHARD EDLINGER as a fulltime 5th member of the band in 1998. "Grey" followed one year later.

In August of 2002 EKPYROSIS underwent another line-up change and guitarist MARKUS REICHL and bass player MARKUS KRONSTEINER were respectively replaced by MARIO SCHEIBER and THOMAS PRETHALER. In the meantime the band had completed their third album, which they originally christened "Fire", but was renamed "After War" once they inked a new agreement with Mausoleum Records. Label-less and on their own they've released "Irrational" in 2005.

Power metal

Austria (Kapfenberg/St. Lorenzen im Mürztal/Bruck an der Mur), formed in 1989



Christian Gruber - vocals/guitar
Mario Scheibe - guitar/backing vocals
Thomas Prethaler - bass/backing vocals
Helmut Winter - drums
Richard Edlinger - keyboards


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