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Aurora Borealis

Album: ''Aurora Borealis'' (1994 Demo)
1. De Sorte Sjøers Land
2. Aurora Borealis
3. Witchking
4. Einherjer

Leve Vikingånden

Album: ''Leve Vikingånden'' (1995 EP)
1. Når Hammeren Heves
2. Når Aftensolen Rinner

Dragons of the North

Album: ''Dragons of the North'' (1996)
1. Dragons of the North
2. Dreamstorm
3. Forever Empire
4. Conquerer
5. Fimbul Winter
6. Storms of the Elder
7. Slaget Ved Hafrsfjord
8. Ballad of the Swords

Far, Far North

Album: ''Far, Far North'' (1997 EP)
1. Far Far North
2. Naar Hammeren Heves
3. Naar Aftensolen Rinner

Odin Owns Ye All

Album: ''Odin Owns Ye All'' (1998)
1. Leve Vikingeaanden
2. Out Of Ginnungagap
3. Clash Of The Elder
4. Odin Owns Ye All
5. Remember Tokk
6. Home
7. The Pathfinder And The Prophetess
8. Inferno
9. A New Earth

Norwegian Native Art

Album: ''Norwegian Native Art'' (2000)
1. Wyrd Of The Dead
2. Doomfaring
3. Hugin's Eyes
4. Burning Yggdrasil
5. Crimson Rain
6. Howl Ravens Come
7. Draconian Umpire
8. Regicide

2002 Demo

Album: ''2002 Demo'' (2002 Demo)
1. Ware Her Venom
2. Dead Knight's Rite
3. The Eternally Damned


Album: ''Blot'' (2003)
1. Einherjermarsjen
2. Ironbound
3. Dead Knight's Rite
4. Wolf-Age
5. The Eternally Damned
6. Ware Her Venom
7. Hammar Haus
8. Starkad
9. Ride the Gallows
10. Ingen Grid
11. Berserkergang
12. Venomtongue



Einherjer was a Viking metal band from Haugesund, Norway, founded in 1993. Some of their albums were heavily folk influenced, while other albums feature a more traditional black metal sound. Their lyrics retold Norse legends, and each of their albums had its own theme. The band split up in early 2004 after releasing their final album Blot in December 2003.

In December 2004, all members of Einherjer's last lineup, including the band's founders Frode Glesnes and Gerhard Storesund, founded the Thrash metal band Battered together with bassist Ole Moldesæther.

The band's name is taken from Norse mythology where the term Einherjar describes the slain warriors that have gone on to Valhalla and joined Odin's table.

Viking Metal

Nordic Mythology

Norway (Haugesund), formed in 1993

Tabu Recordings


Frode Glesnes (Grimar) - Vocals, Guitar (Battered (Nor), ex-Beelzebub)
Aksel Herløe - Guitar (Battered (Nor))
Gerhard Storesund (Ulvar) - Drums (Battered (Nor), ex-Beelzebub)

Rune Bjelland (Nidhogg) - Vocals
Erik Elden - Bass
Stein Sund - Bass (Dwelling Souls, Evig Natt, Thundra, session for Throne of Katarsis)
Ragnar Vikse - Vocals
Audun Wold (Thonar) - Guitar, Bass, Synth
Kjell Håvardsholm - Bass


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