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Album: ''Facettes'' (2003)
1. The Strength of My Hate
2. Never-Ending Tale
3. Inside My Cave
4. Ambiguity
5. Girl/Woman
6. The Weapon in My Self
7. Uncomprehension
8. A Summer Breeze
9. Great Men's Work
10. Break


Album: ''Fusion'' (2007)
1. Non Merci
2. In the Present
3. Healing Process
4. Fusion
5. Addicted
6. The Angel You Love, The Angel You Hate
7. Keep Our Heaven
8. Back to the Essentials
9. Free ... Are You ?
10. September



‘Precious Moment' was composed as an introduction to a future album…
As it successfully passed the tests of press, internet promotion via myspace mainly, and sales, it led to the opportunity for Eilera to write its follower…

The new album was composed and written between May and December 2005.
In March 2006, the drums and bass were recorded at Finnvox studio, Helsinki,
With Antti Lehtinen on drums again, and Tommi Saarikivii on bass.
The main difference here? There was no producer this time.
Indeed, this would be one of the main characteristics of this album:
Eilera would produce her own album.

Back home, Eilera, together with her work partner of all times Loïc Tézénas,
will record all guitars –with Loïc on guitar-, as well as the fiddle lines, and vocals. (added guitars in studio later on)
On fiddle was a newcomer this time: Tony Canton, a talented musician who lives in the centre of France, and who brought the Celtic fiddle lines.

The last two studio sessions happened in December 2006.
First Hip Studio, with two familiar faces to back Eilera and Loïc up: Hiili Hiilesmaa's and Juha Heininen's.
This is where the recording of strings-ensemble was done, with Max Lilja back on cello.
Then? Back to Finnvox for the final mix and mastering.
Hiili added his personal touch to the final sound of the album, and Mika Jussila -another familiar man-of-the-situation- to the mastering.

All in all, this album will confirm the main themes in Eilera's work:
balance between Strength and Frailty, Ambiguity, closeness to Nature, the roots of these 'precious moments' in life.
And her two obsessions of all times:
Freedom and Beauty.

Gothic Metal/Rock

Emotions, Fantasy, Life

France (Montpellier), formed in 2000

Spinefarm Records


Eilera (Aurélie Potin Suau) - Vocals & programming (2003 - now) (ex-Chrysalis)
Loïc Tézénas - Guitar & programming (2003 - now) (ex-Chrysalis, ex-Kalisia, ex-Insanity, session for Diaclase and Gildal)

Session musicians :

Tony Canton : Fiddle (2007 - now)
Ian McCamy : Fiddle (2005 - now)
Laura Airola : Violins (2005 - now)
Kukka Lehto : Violins (2005 - now)
Benjamin Hirschowitsch : Violins (2005 - now)
Ilkka Lehtonen : Violins (2007 - now)
Max Lilja : Cello (2005 - now) (Hevein, ex-Apocalyptica)
Mikko Moilanen : Double bass (2007 - now)
Tomi Harrivaara : Double bass (2005 - now)
Tommi Saarikivi : Bass (2007 - now)
Pasi Heikkilä : Bass (2005 - now) (ex-Ari Koivunen)
Antti Lehtinen : Drums (2005 - now)


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