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The Dead

Album: ''The Dead'' (1990 Demo)
1. The Dead
2. Angel of Distress
3. Impulsive Necroplasma

Nothing But Death Remains

Album: ''Nothing But Death Remains'' (1991)
1. Tales...
2. Human Aberration
3. Maze of Existence (Epidemic Reign, Part I)
4. The Dead
5. Decepted by the Cross
6. Angel of Distress
7. Impulsive Necroplasma (Epidemic Reign, Part II)
8. Immortal Souls


Album: ''Unorthodox'' (1992)
1. The Unorthodox
2. Enigma (The Blessing - Celestial Dissension - The Loss of Hallowed Life)
3. Incipience to the Butchery
4. In the Veins / Darker Than Black
5. Everlasting (Epidemic Reign, Part III)
6. After Afterlife
7. Beyond the Unknown
8. Nocturnal
9. A Curfew for the Damned (...Blind Belief)
10. Cold Sun (Epidemic Reign, Part IV)
11. The Day of Maturity
12. Requiscon by Pace
13. Dead But Dreaming
14. When All Is Said

The Spectral Sorrows

Album: ''The Spectral Sorrows'' (1993)
1. The Spectral Sorrows
2. Darkday
3. Livin' Hell
4. Lost
5. The Masque
6. Blood of My Enemies (Manowar cover)
7. Jesus Cries
8. Across the Fields of Forever
9. On the Other Side
10. Sacrified
11. Waiting to Die
12. Feedin' the Charlatan
13. A Serenade for the Dead

Purgatory Afterglow

Album: ''Purgatory Afterglow'' (1994)
1. Twilight
2. Of Darksome Origin
3. Blood-Colored
4. Silent
5. Black Tears
6. Elegy
7. Velvet Dreams
8. Enter Chaos
9. The Sinner and the Sadness
10. Song of Sirens

Until Eternity Ends

Album: ''Until Eternity Ends'' (1994 EP)
1. Until Eternity Ends
2. Eternal Eclipse
3. Bleed
4. Invisible Sun


Album: ''Crimson'' (1996)
1. Crimson


Album: ''Cryptic'' (1997)
1. Hell Written
2. Uncontroll Me
3. No Destiny
4. Demon I
5. Not of This World
6. Dead I Walk
7. Born, Breed, Bleeding
8. Bleed You Dry


Album: ''Infernal'' (1997)
1. Hell Is Where the Heart Is
2. Helter Skelter
3. 15:36
4. The Bleakness of It All
5. Damned (By the Damned)
6. Forever Together Forever
7. Losing Myself
8. Hollow
9. Inferno
10. Burn the Sun
11. The Last Song


Album: ''Evolution'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Pernicious Anguish (Remix)
2. Immortal Souls
3. Maze of Existence (Epidemic Reign, Part I) (Remix)
4. The Dead
5. Angel of Distress (Remix)
6. Everlasting
7. After Afterlife (Remix)
8. Human Aberration
9. Kill the Police (Cryptic Death cover)
10. When All Is Said (Remix)
11. Blood of My Enemies (Demo Manowar cover)
12. Elegy

Crimson II

Album: ''Crimson II'' (2003)
1. The Forbidden Words I
2. The Forbidden Words II
3. Incantation I
4. Incantation II
5. Incantation III
6. Incantation IV
7. Incantation V
8. Incantation VI
9. Passage of Time I
10. Passage of Time II
11. Passage of Time III
12. Passage of Time IV
13. Passage of Time V
14. Passage of Time VI
15. Passage of Time VII
16. Passage of Time VIII
17. Passage of Time IX
18. Passage of Time X
19. The Silent Threat I
20. The Silent Threat II
21. The Silent Threat III
22. The Silent Threat IV
23. Achilles Heel I
24. Achilles Heel II
25. Achilles Heel III
26. Covenant of Souls I
27. Covenant of Souls II
28. Covenant of Souls III
29. Covenant of Souls IV
30. Covenant of Souls V
31. Covenant of Souls VI
32. Face to Face I
33. Face to Face II
34. Face to Face III
35. Face to Face IV
36. Face to Face V
37. Disintegration I
38. Disintegration II
39. Disintegration III
40. Aftermath I
41. Aftermath II
42. Aftermath III
43. Aftermath IV
44. Aftermath V

When All Is Said: The Best of Edge of Sanity

Album: ''When All Is Said: The Best of Edge of Sanity'' (2006 Best of/Compilation)
1. Tales...
2. Human Aberration
3. Enigma
4. In the Veins / Darker Than Black
5. Lost
6. The Masque
7. Until Eternity Ends
8. Eternal Eclipse
9. Twilight
10. Black Tears
11. 15:36
12. Hell Is Where the Heart Is
13. Hellwritten
14. Bleed You Dry

edge of sanity


Edge of Sanity was a Swedish progressive death metal band whose work often delved into experimental territory. While artists like Bathory and Emperor had recorded songs that could be regarded as epic, Edge of Sanity are regarded alongside Opeth as being the first to fuse extreme metal styles like death and black metal with genuine progressive rock.


Edge of Sanity asserted themselves as a solid death-metal outfit with their debut release Nothing But Death Remains, but their second release Unorthodox, with tracks like "Enigma" and "When All Is Said," showed them branching out from some of the genre's conventions. The Spectral Sorrows, Until Eternity Ends, and Purgatory Afterglow continued the trend, so that by the release of 1996's Crimson they were recording full-on progressive metal. Crimson was a 40-minute concept album consisting entirely of one track, concerning a post-apocalyptic future in which mankind had lost the ability to breed. After one more album, 1997's Infernal, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Dan Swanö left the band, and his departure is generally associated with a decline in quality in the band's material. Swanö was replaced by Robert Karlsson, the vocalist of Pan-thy-monium (a side project in which Swanö was also involved), but after one more album, the same year's Cryptic, the band split up.

In 2003, Swanö reconvened the outfit as a one-man band (with several session musicians, however) and recorded a sequel to Crimson, naturally entitled Crimson II. Immediately after, he re-dissolved the project, and it has been silent since.


* Dan Swanö - vocals, guitar, keyboards (1991-1997, 2003)
* Andreas Axelsson - guitar (since 1991)
* Sami Nerberg - guitar (since 1991)
* Anders Lindberg - bass guitar (since 1991)
* Benny Larsson - drums (since 1991)
* Robert Karlsson - vocals (since 1997)


* (1991) Nothing But Death Remains
* (1992) Unorthodox
* (1993) The Spectral Sorrows
* (1994) Until Eternity Ends (4-track EP)
* (1994) Purgatory Afterglow
* (1996) Crimson
* (1997) Infernal
* (1997) Cryptic
* (1999) Evolution (2-disc compilation of rare and unreleased tracks)
* (2003) Crimson II
* (2006) When All Is Said (2-disc 'Best Of' compilation)

Progressive Death Metal

Death, fantasy, conceptual, evil

Sweden (Finspång), formed in 1989

Black Mark Production


Dan Swanö - Vocals, all instruments (Bloodbath (Swe), Brejn Dedd, Darkcide (Swe), Demiurg (Swe), Diabolical Masquerade, Godsend (Nor), Incision (Swe), Infestdead, Karaboudjan, Katatonia (Swe), Maceration, Masticate, Nightingale, Odyssey (Swe), Overflash, Pan.Thy.Monium, Ribspreader, Route Nine, Star One, Steel (Swe), Total Terror, Unicorn (Swe), Sorskogen, Frameshift, Another Life)

Andreas "Dread" Axelsson - Guitar (Incapacity, Marduk (Swe), Infestdead)
Benny Larsson (Godsend (Nor), Pan.Thy.Monium, Ophthalamia) - Drums
Anders Lindberg - Bass
Sami Nerberg - Guitar
Roberth "Robban" Karlsson - Vocals (Darkified, Pan.Thy.Monium, Incapacity, Facebreaker, Scypozoa, Kill, Solar Dawn, The Deadbeats, The Nasty Flames, Fistel)


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