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Elevation Into Disintegration

Album: ''Elevation Into Disintegration'' (2004)
1. Blood Tapped Skull
2. Elevation Into Disintegration
3. Human Error
4. Straight Edgetasy
5. Queens of the Scene Age
6. Work Forced
7. Foetal Grindings
8. Rape of Sanity
9. Queer Eye for the Metrosexual



Ebolie was formed in late 1998 in the Southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia by three deranged mates influenced by the grindcore groove of Napalm Death, the brutality and technicality of Cryptopsy, the booze-fuelled piss-taking of Volatile and countless others. Ebolie in its first form consisted only of a vocalist, guitarist and drummer.
Two months into their existence came a six-track demo entitled Campaign for Commercial Destruction, unleashed on society in the November of 98. The demo was met with interest from the local metal scene, with that thay moved on to infect pubs and venues with the likes of Volatile, Miscreation and Sadistik Execution. After a string of shows Ebolie went into the studio to record a one-off track for the compilation Under the Southern Cross in July 1999 [System Collapse].

The bands original guitarist departed in late 1999. Ebolie did not resurface until early 2001 after finally recruiting a dirt bag who suited the band perfectly at the time. In June 2002 four tracks were recorded at their home studio, which where released later that year with the aforementioned titles on a discography through Grindhead Records. The virus began to grow and mutate as a new bass player was added to the line-up and the old bassist picked up guitar duties. In early 2004 thay released an ep called I Like The Old Snuff, Better Then The New Snuff and started recording for their first full length album, Elevation into Disintegration. While in the process of releasing the album, the virus was carried around Australia through the vessels of Californian gore-grinders Exhumed and Australias Bludgeoner.

Ebolie continued with the production for Elevation into Disintegration until its release through Grindhead Records on December 4th of 2004 coinciding with its official launch at the Arncliffe Hotel. Thay have just released a new ep called Let Loose and are currently in the process of recording material for a split album with Maximum Perversion tentatively entitled Fuck Ya Ears and Drink Ya Beers.


Society, violence, life

Australia (Sydney, NSW), formed in 1998

Grindhead Records


Bubsy - Vocals
McChob - Guitar
Chewy - Drums
Drail - Bass

Glennos - Guitar
Stiffi - Bass
Berchual - Lead Guitar


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