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My Infinite Nature Alone

Album: ''My Infinite Nature Alone'' (1999)
1. Ars Moriendi
2. Returning To Pathos
3. Forty Seasons From Now
4. Await
5. Chiarscuro
6. Fortress Of Solitude
7. Still Black And White
8. Beautiful And Unfortunate

Hearts Of Darkness

Album: ''Hearts Of Darkness'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Subdued Light
2. Mass Grave
3. Await (Neo-mix)
4. Returning
5. To Pathos
6. Aars Moriendi
7. Forty Seasons From Now
8. Fortress Of Solitude
9. Chairizuko
10. Still Black And White
11. Beautiful Unfortunate
12. Obscure Moon Sighting
13. Xmog


Album: ''Jahilia'' (2003)
1. Attachments
2. Hidden from Senses
3. Jahilia Calling
4. Subdued Light
5. Nightbulb Angel
6. When Pain Becomes Liquid
7. Decadent Little Girl
8. Translucence



There are at least ten artists with this name:

1) A U.S. death/doom band. The band released a self-titled album 'Dusk' which had more of a death metal influence, but the follow up album, 'Majestic Thou In Ruin' was doom-metal. Much like their predecessors Thergothon, Dusk quickly broke up.

2) A Hungarian black metal band.This band described own music style in the album Deathgate as "True Carpathian Black Metal".First reales in 1996 'Fight Of The Soul'. Lyrical themes: Misanthropy, Hatred, Depths of human soul.

3) A Pakistani death/progressive metal band. Credited as originators of the entire metal scene in Pakistan. The band consisted of Faraz Anwar and Babar Sheikh. Faraz Anwar is an extremely talented guitarist, winner of a Berklee scholarship and appreciated by people like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

4) A Japanese band.

5) A studio pop creation of the early 70’s, made as a female-fronted answer to Dawn (made with the same producers/musicians). Lead vocals were by Peggy Santaglia, former lead singer of The Angels. Singles included "I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing" and "Angel Baby".

6) A Malaysian underground Power/Death Metal band.

7) An Australian four piece acoustic based band who play roots grooves, Dusk are from Fremantle, Western Australia. They're debut ep entitled 'The Fragile Escape/Butterflies EP' will be released in March 2006.

8) A Belgian metal band.

9) An Italian Band which realeased one record so far: Nemo Ante Mortem Beastus.
They play Dark Metal.

10) A Dutch rockband, with famous philosopher Ad Verbrugge as lead-singer.

Progressive Metal (Old) Death Metal (New)

Hypocrisy, Sorrow, Destroying Fake Ideology

Pakistan (Karachi), formed in 1994

Epidemie Records


Yusri Maha Durjana Vocals (ex-Harvester, Cardiac Necropsy)
Aman Durrani - Guitar (ex-Mob Rules , ex-Nokturnal Rust)
Babar Sheikh - Bass (Northern Alliance, Impiety (Sgp))
Akhter Qayyum - Chants and Percussion
Noxaleem - Violin

Kamran Autopsy - Drums and Vocals (2005- 2006) (Autopsy Gothic)
Faraz Anwar- Guitars and Instrumentation (1996 - 2004) (Mizraab)
Sohail Russian - Guitars (1995 -1997)
Roger Faria - Drums (1994 - 1996)


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