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Album: ''Bonegrinder'' (2001)
1. Who is the King?
2. The Most Destructive Art
3. Men Who Break Bones
4. Third Master
5. Spiritual Force to Kill
6. Words from the Pit
7. Learn to Obey
8. Where Dark and Light Divide...
9. Wisdow Without Direction
10. Praying for the One Who's Left
11. Blood Sand
12. Come and Taste the Victory

Back from Hell

Album: ''Back from Hell'' (2002 EP)
1. Back from Hell
2. Rhymes of Death
3. Demonic Cross
4. Evil Darkness Inside
5. The Curse (Sepultura cover)
6. Bestial Devastation (Sepultura cover)
7. Bloody Sand
8. Destroyer
9. The Laws of Scourge (Sarcófago cover)
10. The Fucking Twins (Satan & God)
11. Bonegrinder (demo version)
12. Wisdom without Direction (demo version)

Butchery Age

Album: ''Butchery Age'' (2003)
1. Butchery Age Has Come
2. When To Kill Is A Worthy Job
3. Hate Is The Greater Thing To Feel
4. The Beginning End
5. Heroes Die First
6. Massacre Is Justice
7. Cry Your Dead Away
8. Natural Born Killers
9. The Peace Comes To Destroy
10. Armies Of Dead Men
11. Reign Of Slaughters
12. Hell Made With Certain Measure

By The Grace Of Evil

Album: ''By The Grace Of Evil'' (2004)
1. XIII Chapter (Nothing Stops the Killing)
2. The Hell March
3. Godless Field
4. Kill the Lambs
5. Ak-47
6. The Son Will Not Return
7. No God for Apes
8. Only a Business!!!
9. Poke Your Wounds
10. All Will Be Fine (If We All Are Dead!)


Album: ''Bio-Violence'' (2006)
1. New Rome Arises
2. Bio-Violence
3. The Fossil Target
4. Genesis Of Chaos
5. Dead Sunshine For A Better World
6. People Born To Hate People
7. Eyes Bent For Own Navel
8. Drown The Revolution
9. The Friendly Oppressor
10. Hypnosis Against The Tribes

By The Evil Alive

Album: ''By The Evil Alive'' (2006 EP)
1. Hell March
2. Back From Hell
3. Who Is The King
4. ...Only A Business
5. Butchery Age Has Come



There are three bands with this name:

1) Drowned are a Death/Thrash metal band from Brazil.

2) Drowned is a german old school Death Metal band which is active since the early 90's.

3) Drowned was the former name for the alternative rock band InMe before their label success.

1) Brazilian Death Thrash band.
The band first appeared in 1994, however it had to stop its activities due to some problems in the line-up. The group returned in 1998 with Fernando Lima (vocals), Thiago Rodrigues (guitars), Marcos Amorim (guitars), Rodrigo Nunes (bass) and Beto Loureiro (drums). Then the band started the process of composing for its first demo. In December 1998, the band recorded "Where dark and light divide... ", its first demo, with three songs: Learn to obey, Words from the pit and Where dark and light divide... This first work, released in 1999, was widely promoted in Brazil and other countries. It deserved good specialized reviews and support of the public. The band also took part in some Brazilian Compilation-CDs. In March 2000, Thiago Rodrigues left the group, and in his place came Rafael Porto. The band followed its work, writing new songs, promoting its sound, making more concerts and looking for a Label to release its debut CD. By mid-March, 2001, the band signed with Cogumelo Records to record its first CD, whose title is "BONEGRINDER". It was recorded during the months of April and May 2001, and the Label released it in mid-August 2001. BONEGRINDER was a landmark in the band’s career, which soon started its first Brazilian tour. However, the tour was interrupted abruptly, due to a serious car accident suffered by guitarist Marcos Amorim. Several dates were canceled until the band came back slowly to its activities, since the musician was in good recovering. Only in the beginning of 2002 the tour could be fully retaken, then being possible the passage of Drowned for the South, Southeast, North and Northeast of Brazil. To celebrate Marcos Amorim's return, the band decided, with the Label, to release a new work. The mini-album, called BACK FROM HELL, makes use of demo recordings, covers, new versions of old stuff, besides unpublished material and brand new songs. This EP came to give sequence to the work set forth by its previous CD, and to solidify even more the name of the band in the Brazilian scene. A new and small tour began in August 2002, beginning in their hometown, Belo Horizonte/MG, and going again through several areas of the country, with an excellent receptivity. Meanwhile, the band continued preparing material for their next complete studio album. In the end of February 2003, the band entered DR Studio, owned by the band, and began the recordings of its third work, BUTCHERY AGE. 12 tracks were recorded, with a very superior production compared to everything the band tried before. More aggressive, faster and more disturbing, the album shows a Drowned still more varied, even inside of the style they created. The great growth that the band obtained with their previous CDs allowed it to add forces for this work. Drowned is one of the first bands in Brazil, without the backing of a multinational recording company, to get several endorsers and also to have a concert schedule controlled and programmed. BUTCHERY AGE was released in the end of June 2003 and a great tour began in July 26 of the same year, including 27 dates for the whole Brazil. However the band suffered the first line-up loss since its first album: Rafael Porto leaves the band in July 2004 and in his place entered Kerley Ribeiro. Composing since the beginning of Butchery Age tour, Drowned had written all the material for the next work before the new guitarist's entrance. In August of 2004 the band enters again in studio and started the recordings of BY THE GRACE OF EVIL, its third complete work, fourth at all discography, including the new guitarist's participation. The album has 10 tracks and received treatment still more careful than the previous ones, including a booklet art worked leaf by leaf. BY THE GRACE OF EVIL, released in December 2004, shows a Drowned with the same roots, however more varied and more musical. Strong and melodic characteristics of the band since its formation are present, but the band grew in terms of composition of music. The tour of the new work will go by several areas of Brazil and for the first time the band will count with scenery personalized with artwork of the CD. The band intends to expand its name more and more around the country and to reach overseas, with label or distribution contract.

Death/Thrash Metal

Occultism, Anti-Christianity

Brazil (Belo Horizonte, MG), formed in 1994

Cogumelo Records


Fernando Lima - Vocals
Kerley Ribeiro - Guitar
Marcos Amorim - Guitar
Beto Loureiro - Drums (ex-Walpurgis Night)
Wesley Ribeiro - Bass

Rafael Porto - Guitars
Thiago Rodrigues - Guitars (1998-2000)
Rodrigo Nunes - Bass (ex-Absolute Disgrace, Eminence (Bra))


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