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Disintegration Of Thought Patterns...

Album: ''Disintegration Of Thought Patterns...'' (2002)
1. Escape Into Orbital Infinity [Introduction]
2. Though The Storm
3. Decomposed Fixation
4. Prelude to the Fallen
5. Passing Through the Spheres Of Abstract Thought
6. Within Myself
7. Reflecting Identities
8. Poisoning Reality



Dripping was started in November, 2000 by drummer Bruce Moallem, and guitarist Sebastian Russo. The goal was to write insanely technical, extremely puzzling, abstract music with no barriers. With personal musical influences varying from Jazz/Fusion, Hiphop, Classical and much more blended with Dripping's own recipe of extreme bizarre hyper grind/death, expect complete utter sickness. With Sebastian Russo, and Jerry Sammarco on guitars, Tom Keiffer on bass, and the lyrical poetry of drummer/percussionist Bruce Moallem, Dripping wrote 2 songs in 2 weeks, but were still in need of a vocalist . After trying a few people out, and finding no one extreme enough, the band decided to record the vocals themselves. They recorded a 2 song promo in which Bruce, Jerry, and Sebastian shared the vocal duties... with Bruce spewing the sewage gutturals, and Jerry and Sebastian doing all the high shrieks. In December 2000, Jerry decided he could no longer commit to Dripping. Left as a 3 piece, the band continued writing their unique extreme material. In January 2001, Sebastian asked his good friend Frank Bleakley, ex-Carrion/Unhallowed/Comatose Rust, to come try out for the open vocal position. With great stage presence and great vocals, Frank became Dripping's frontman. Due to lack of transportation,and the loss of communication with him, sadly things didn't work out. February 2001 Dripping started to get offers from record labels. They finally linked a deal with Macabre Mementos (Japan) to drop a full length in fall 2001. Dripping also found themselves a new sick vocalist: Gabe Abatangelo. After Gabe's debut show on April 17th, 2001 the band felt completely satisfied. The following day Dripping entered the studio to record an experimental 2 song sampler with Gabe of only 100 limited copies. Dripping is an extreme band with no musical barriers. Dripping's music is drenched with various musical influences (metal and non-metal) that make for a unique diversified blend of intense music. With some of the sickest guitar and drum work, puzzling song structures, extremely sick vocals and deep intriguing themes and lyrics, Dripping brings forth a new innovative breed of extreme music. If your looking for something new and interesting then check this sick band out.

Experimental Brutal Death/Grind

Death, Gore, Violence, Space Travel, Emotions...

United States of America (Clifton, NJ.), formed in 2000

Macabre Mementos / Necroharmonic


Mario Comesanas - Vocals
Tom Keiffer - Bass
Bruce Moallem - Drums (Cadaverment)
Sebastian Russo - Guitar (Cadaverment, ex-Dislimb)

Gabe Abatangelo - Vocals
Frank Bleakley - Vocals
Jerry Sammarco - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Connors - Guitar (ex-Dislimb, ex-Fecal Corpse)


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