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Album: ''Dragonslayer'' (2002)
1. Chasing the Dragon
2. In Flames You Burn
3. Save Us
4. Kingdom of the Damned
5. The Prophecy
6. The Chosen Ones
7. Losing You
8. The 7th Day
9. Heavy Metal in the Night
10. H.M.J.
11. Hail to the King
12. Outro


Album: ''Evilized'' (2003)
1. Break the Chains
2. By My Side
3. Fight You 'Till the End
4. Evilized
5. Invisible
6. Bad Dreams
7. Forevermore
8. Children of the Night
9. Live a Lie
10. Fear the Night
11. Made of Metal
12. The End

Children Of The Night

Album: ''Children Of The Night'' (2003 EP)
1. Children of the Night (edit)
2. Dragonheart
3. Betrayed
4. Evilized (acoustic)

The Book of Heavy Metal

Album: ''The Book of Heavy Metal'' (2004)
1. The Book of Heavy Metal (March of the Metallians)
2. Into the Moonlight
3. The Sledge
4. No Way
5. Crusaders' Anthem
6. Let's Make Rock
7. Tired
8. Chosen Twice
9. M.O.M.
10. The Mirror
11. Only for the Night
12. Unbreakable Chain

The First Chapter

Album: ''The First Chapter'' (2004 Single)
1. The Book of Heavy Metal (edit)
2. Tired
3. Point of No Return


Album: ''United'' (2006)
1. Fire! Battle! In Metal!
2. United
3. Blind Evil
4. Evilution
5. Let Me Out
6. Higher on Fire
7. Kingdom at War
8. Love Is Blind
9. Falling
10. Back From the Dead
11. Doomlord
12. My Number One (Elena Paparizou cover)

dream evil


Dream Evil is a melodic heavy metal band from Sweden, assembled and integrated by renowned musical producer Fredrik Nordström in 1999.

Fredrik had the ambition of creating a band of his own for a long time, but was yet to find somebody with musical ideals similar to his. However, while on holidays on the Greek islands during the year of 1999, he met guitarist Gus G (from Firewind and Mystic Prophecy). The two musicians got along quite well, despite their age difference of over a decade. Plans for Dream Evil commenced, and shortly, Gus boarded a plane to Gothenburg, in which him and Fredrik began writing material for the band.

In order for Dream Evil to become the band that they were idealizing, it would need to count with musicians of exceptional talent. The person who first came to their minds was Snowy Shaw (from King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Notre Dame), but the drummer initially refused their invitation. Later on, he changed his mind and agreed to play on the band's debut album.

Vocalist Niklas Isfeldt had done backing vocals for some of HammerFall's songs produced by Fredrik, and since Isfeldt was not involved in any major project at the time, it was decided that he was a good choice for Dream Evil. Niklas shown a lot of promise in his test, and it was soon decided that he would become a definitive part of the band. He also brought along his friend Peter Stålfors, who assumed the bass.

The fact remains that, up until the moment the promotional photos were shot, the whole of the band had not been on the same place at the same time even once. Some members did not even know each other.

The band soon got a deal with Century Media Records, and intended to name themselves Dragonslayer due to the thematic of the songs which had been written by Gus and Fredrik, which had a strong focus on medieval and fantastical themes. However, their label did not find the name original enough, and thus the band settled with the name Dream Evil, inspired by the title of Dio's album Dream Evil.

Dream Evil's debut album was released on April of 2002, and received positive feedback from the specialized press. At one point, the album — entitled Dragonslayer — reached number one on the Japanese import charts. The band proceeded to play on a series of festivals, and also supported Blind Guardian during a part of their world tour.

The members of Dream Evil got along well, despite the seemingly random manner by which they had been brought together. Snowy Shaw then joined the band permanently, and Dream Evil went on their first Japanese tour. During their stay in Japan, the band was invited by HammerFall to support their 2003 European tour. Their label manager hinted that it would be a good idea to have a new album out by then.

With little time on their hands, the band wrote the basis of most songs on the flight to Europe, and on the day of their arrival entered the studio in order to record a new album. They took two weeks in total to record Evilised, and most songs were recorded as they were written. It was released on the 20th of January, and one week later Dream Evil proceeded to tour Europe with HammerFall and the less known Masterplan.

In June of the same year, the band returned for a second Japanese tour and Gus G was featured on the cover of Young Guitar Magazine, a magazine well respected by musicians from around the globe. During the promotional tour of their next single, Gus was already committed to playing with Mystic Prophecy. Thus, Snowy Shawn took upon his hands the task of playing the lead guitar sections of the Dream Evil songs.

For their third album, the band actually took time to write the songs and fine-tune them on studio. The Book of Heavy Metal took two months to be recorded, and was released in May of 2004.

Guitarist Gus G left the band in late 2004 in order to dedicate more time to Firewind, being replaced by Markus Black (also known as Mark U Black).

Niklas Isfeldt and Peter Stålfors briefly left in 2005 to be replaced by Jake E. Berg (aka Jake Steel, of Dreamland) and Tommy Larsson, but returned before recordings or live shows were done. At the start of 2006, Snowy Shaw abruptly quit Dream Evil.

After a half year of silence, Dream Evil published a statement at their homepage and announced that they have a new drummer, whose name is Pat Power (aka Patrik Jerksten) and that they've recorded 18 new songs, which will be published on the new album in this year's autumn.

Heavy/Power Metal

Evil, Dragons (early), Heavy Metal, Love, Battle

Sweden (Gothenburg), formed in 1999

Century Media


Niklas Isfeldt - Vocals (1999-2005, 2005-) (ex-TOC, Pure X, ex-Eisst)
Mark Black (Markus Fristedt) - Lead Guitar (2004-) (Ton of Bricks)
Fredrik Nordström - Rhythm Guitar and Keyboards (1999-)
Peter Stålfors - Bass (1999-2005, 2005-) (Pure X)
Pat Power (Patrik Jerksten) - Drums (2006-)

Gus G. (Kostas Karamitroudis) - Guitars (1999-2004) (ex-Nightrage, ex-Mystic Prophecy, Firewind, Tour Guitarist for Arch Enemy in 2005)
Jake E. Berg - Vocals (August 2005) (Dreamland (Swe))
Tommy Larsson - Bass (August 2005) (ex-Jaggernaut, Heed)
Snowy Shaw (Tommie Helgesson) - Drums (2001, 2002-2006) (ex-Notre Dame, ex-King Diamond, Illwill, ex-Mercyful Fate, ex-Memento Mori, Cans, Therion (Swe))

Session musicians:
Magnus Olsfelt - Bass (on demos) (The Crown, Stolen Policecar)
Daniel Svensson - Drums (on demos) (ex-Sacrilege (Swe), In Flames, ex-Diabolique (Swe))
Klas Bas - Bass (on tour 2004)


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