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One Piece Missing

Album: ''One Piece Missing'' (2001 EP)
1. Pushed to the Limit?
2. Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy cover)
3. The Nile Song (Pink Floyd cover)
4. The Complex (live)
5. Demons (live)

Dirty Music

Album: ''Dirty Music'' (2005)
1. Livin' a Lie
2. Scenester
3. Broken In Two
4. Money Shot
5. Losing It
6. Enemies
7. Cut Throat Blues
8. Hell
9. Swine Song
10. How Bad Do You Want It



Dreadnaught refers to two different bands - 1) the U.S.-based experimental rock trio (, and 2) the Australia-based heavy metal group (


After 6 albums on 4 international labels, more than a thousand shows across the US, armfuls of 'best of' awards, and more hooks than a tackle box full of musical lures, Dreadnaught has become a veritable institution. "Country-rock, avant-garde blues, prog-funk, experimental rock - any and all of these labels are accurate, yet each only begins to brush the surface of the band's style. Daringly different." (All Music Guide)

At once steeped in American tradition and yet thoroughly forward-looking - kind of like a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon hurtling through a wormhole, or a steel cage match at the local VFW hall on the moons of Saturn - Dreadnaught (bassist/composer Bob Lord, guitarist/composer Justin Walton, and drummer Rick Habib) has bended and busted rule after rule after rule with its music, and each album has always proved a galactic leap from the one that preceded. From the sunny groove-rock of DREADNAUGHT (1998) and the rustic, experimental UNA VEZ MAS (2000) to the earthshakingly progressive opus THE AMERICAN STANDARD (2001, Red Fez Records), the avant-garde tour-de-force MUSICA EN FLAGRANTE (2004, Big Balloon Music), and the double-disc LIVE AT MOJO (2005, Comet Records), Dreadnaught has displayed an obsession with "pushing the proverbial envelope right down the shredder" (Progressive World).

The passionate accolades haven't always been there, but the work ethic has: six, seven, eight nights of gigging each and every week of the year. National tours in rotten old Chevy vans. Rehearsals squeezed into any and all free moments. A LOT of Days Inns. Gigs with John Entwistle (The Who), Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), NRBQ, California Guitar Trio, Thanks to Gravity, in opera houses, rough-and-tumble bars, and even a basement or two. And through it all, they've kept an overwhelming sense of fun, joy, and sheer love of the game.

Dreadnaught is also the house band for the New Hampshire Public Radio/Music Hall series Writers On A New England Stage, where they've shared the stage with Pulitzer Prize winner John Updike, Emmy winner Alan Alda, and best-selling authors Dan Brown and Mitch Albom. All shows are broadcast on New Hampshire Public Radio in front of a live audience at The Music Hall in Portsmouth NH.

In 2007, Big Balloon Music/Red Fez Records will release HIGH HEAT & CHIN MUSIC, a double-disc retrospective of the band featuring half a dozen new studio cuts and tracks from the band's entire catalog.



First becoming more than a concept in 1994, Dreadnaught have become one of Australia's most diverse and dynamic heavy rock bands. Combining the elements of rock and metal Dreadnaught create music that is as unqiue as it is powerful.

Having self-financed and distributed their first two releases, Body.Blood.Skin.Mind (1996) and Idiosyncrasy (1998), Dreadnaught signed to Roadrunner Australia subsiduaries, Dark Carnival Records in 1999.

Subsequently Dreadnaught entered the studio with Andy Baldwin (Killing Heidi, Paul Kelly, 28 Days) to record Down to Zero which received critical acclaim in local and overseas press, airplay in the UK, Europe and the US, and was later released thru the Music Cartel in the USA and Europe.

2001 saw Squiz's ( bass ) departure and the arrival of Ando ( ex-Repugnance ) before the recording and release of One Piece Missing, a 5 song EP from which the single, Pushed To The Limit was on JJJ's high rotation list for eight weeks and gave the band a profile boost in the under 18's market.

The band have toured regional and metro Australia extensively, performed regularily at the countries leading metal / hard-rock festivals including Metal for the Brain, High Volatge and Brisbanes Over-cranked. '02 / '03 saw tours with Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad, and supports slots on Nickelback's initial promotional tour before the release of Silver Side Up.

Earlier in 2006 Dreadnaught parted company with long drummer, Suds, who wanted to satisfy an urge to play black metal. Replacing him is the bands newest recruit Sandy "Sweaty McBettadays" Bettenay. Sweaty, a hard-hitting rock styled drummer, has brought a new energy to Dreadnaught's brand of alcohol fuelled rock and roll, and allowed the band to explore a new range of dynamic possibilties.

Dreadnaught entered the studio again in September 2005 with DW Norton (Superheist, Frankenbok, Days end, Mind Snare) to produce the next chapter in the life of unqiue rock band. The LP called Dirty Music released in early 2005 contains 11 rock anthems to blow your sox off.

Progressive Thrash Metal (early),Heavy/Groove Rock (later)

Isolation, personal struggle

Australia (Melbourne), formed in 1992

Dark Carnival


Greg Trull - Vocals (ex-Fridge, ex-Discordia (Aus))
Richie Poate - Guitar, keyboards
Damon Alcock - Guitar
Andy McDougall - Bass (2001 - )
Sandy Bettanay - Drums (2004 - )

Andrew Livingstone-Squires - Bass (1992 - 2000) (ex-Fridge, Cemetery Urn)
Aaren ``Suds`` Suttil - Drums (1992 - 2004) (Atomizer, Superheist, The R.I.P Rides) (RIP Dec 2006)

Session member:
Michael Meagher - Bass (2001)


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