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Album: ''Pleasureligion'' (2003)
1. 5enses
2. The Succubus
3. Legacy of Fascination
4. Perfect Nothing
5. Maria Magdalena
6. Immortal Beloved
7. Voyage Dans La Femme



The DRASTIC spaceship started its journey through the interstellar spaces in 1995, when Chris Buchman recorded his first demo-tape, "Creator of Feelings".
This little piece of melancholic art was selected as "best demo" by Metal Hammer, Metal Shock and Flash on planet earth, and reached the top-ten on Mars and Saturn.
The Plutonians are looking forward to listening to these five extremely emotional songs, but some problems, due to the well-known slowness of the Italian postal service, are making it difficult to send the cassette there before the new millennium...

In 1996, an intergalactic label (Beyond... prod.) started the distribution of the demo-tape in the cosmic underground.

Chris had thousands of deal-proposal, but having been drugged and tortured by Beyond... prod., "spontaneously" decided to sign a contract with this label...

Reduced to slavery, Chris worked hard on the new stuff for more than two years and finally, in 1998 gave to the (cosmic) light his debut full-length deluxe digipak CD titled "Thieves of Kisses".
8 songs of pure Cosmoheroic Melancholia: unearthly female vocals, romantic keyboards and a powerful guitar riffing for a trip into another dimension! Metal Hammer selected this innovative and unconventional work as “Best Italian Album of the Year”.

In 2003 Chris returned from a five years space trip, changed the moniker into DRASTIQUE and released - supported by the amazing performances of Fay (female vocalist) and Mahavira (ex ENSOPH, male vocalist) - his second album titled “Pleasureligion”: 7 pieces of pure Cosmoerotic Melancholia, including a wired cover of Sandra’s hit of the eighties “Maria Magdalena”. The first 1000 copies are available in an elegant black digipak version.

Chris started this project with the idea of a total experience: a voyage through our deepest feelings and strongest emotions, flying on the enchanted wings of art, among dying planets and shining supernovas.

Gothic Metal

Italy (Sottomarina (Venice)), formed in 2003

Beyond Productions


Chris Buchman - all instruments (see also Drastic)
Mahavira - male vocals
Fay - female vocals


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