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Storming Across Heaven

Album: ''Storming Across Heaven'' (2000 Demo)
1. World's End
2. Storming Across Heaven
3. Graveheart

The Battle of the Ivory Plains

Album: ''The Battle of the Ivory Plains'' (2001)
1. Dragondawn
2. Storming Across Heaven
3. A Last Farewell
4. Ride for Glory
5. The Orcish March
6. The Battle of the Ivory Plains
7. Graveheart
8. Rondo a'la Turca
9. A Secret Unveiled
10. World's End
11. Dragondusk

Holy War

Album: ''Holy War'' (2002)
1. Hundred Years Have Passed
2. Majesty of the Mithril Mountains
3. Through Elven Woods and Dwarven Mines
4. Holy War
5. Calm Before the Storm
6. The Return to the Ivory Plains
7. Forever Walking Alone
8. Blazing Hate
9. A Thousand Points of Light
10. One With All


Album: ''Starfall'' (2004)
1. As Madness Took Me
2. Starfall
3. Calling My Name
4. In Perfect Harmony
5. The Dreamseeker
6. The Shores of Our Land
7. The Returning
8. To the End of the World
9. The Book of Shadows Part I: A Story Yet Untold
10. The Book of Shadows Part II: The Curse of Qa'a
11. The Book of Shadows Part III: The Glendora Outbreak


Album: ''Astronomy'' (2006)
1. Supernova
2. Cassiopeia
3. Contact
4. Astronomy
5. Antimatter
6. The Book of Shadows Part IV: The Scrolls of Geometria Divina
7. Beethoven's Nightmare
8. Too Late for Sorrow
9. Direction: Perfection
10. The Old House on the Hill Chapter I: A Death in the Family
11. The Old House on the Hill Chapter II: The Thing in the Cellar
12. The Old House on the Hill Chapter III: The Ring of Edward Waldon



Dragonland is a power metal musical group from Sweden. The group is most notable for basing their two first albums upon the self-produced The Dragonland Chronicles fantasy saga and for the original symphonic/electronic parts by Elias Holmlid.

Their release "Starfall" was produced by Tom S. Englund (Vocalist of Evergrey), doing some vocalparts himself.

Since "Starfall" they changed their sound a lot from being a heavy powermetal band to being a very melodic, slightly progressive metal band.

Their newest opus entitled "Astronomy" combines the dazzling melodic and progwise influences with the punch and power of the first two albums. But it's more than a sum of the previous work. This album shows incredible growth! and in the right direction, we will be expecting more brilliant work from these guys in the future.

Symphonic Power Metal

Fantasy, astronomy

Sweden (Göteborg), formed in 1999

Century Media


Jonas Heidgert - Vocals (also Drums 1999-2002)
Nicklas Magnusson - Guitar (Prophanity)
Olof Mörck - Lead Guitar (Nightrage (live))
Christer Pedersen - Bass (Nightshade (Swe), Moonlight Agony)
Elias Holmlid - Synthesizers (ex-Disdain (Swe))
Jesse Lindskog - Drums (ex-Nostradameus, Dreamland (Swe))

Magnus Olin - Drums (Maid of Honor)
Daniel Kvist - Guitars (Nightshade (Swe), Sacrilege (Swe), Taetre, Likblek, session live for Immemoreal)
Robert Willstedt - Drums (Moonlight Agony)


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