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Album: ''Demo II'' (2006 Demo)
1. Loathe. Scorn. Detest.
2. Groin of God (Amen & Out)
3. Hatebrace

Grind Trials

Album: ''Grind Trials'' (2006 EP)
1. Loathe. Scorn. Detest
2. Groin of God +++ Amen & Out +++
3. Hate Brace
4. Full Scale Hatred (previously unreleased)
5. Old World Chaos
6. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead (previously unreleased)
7. Nailing You In

Random Dictionary of the Damned

Album: ''Random Dictionary of the Damned'' (2007)
1. Nailing You In
2. Psyclotron
3. Loathe. Scorn. Detest.
4. Full Scale Hatred
5. Xsv (Excessive) Payback
6. Hate Brace
7. Old World Chaos
8. Underdrive
9. Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead
10. Smoke & Mirrors
11. Groin of God +++Amen & Out+++
12. Random Damnation
13. For It Was Written
14. Wake Up & Smell the Species
15. Sleep Forever



Downlord was first spawned in mid-2004 when guitarist Rene Falther and drummer Rasmus Schmidt hooked up with guitarist Donovan Spenceley and vocalist Dave Ingram. The idea grew and flourished at a phenomenal rate, as did the band’s production of songs in such a short time. After only a few months of hard work in the studio, a 4 track demo was recorded, with many other tracks written and recorded, to await release from the tomb.

As in any hard fought struggle, there were casualties along the way. In late 2004 the original bass player was fired, and a new one was found in Thomas Fagerlind. Then, in mid 2005, drummer Schmidt found the workload of 2 bands too much, so Downlord carefully deliberated as to which drummer would fill the large void his departure would leave behind, while temporarily working with former Iniquity sticksman, Jesper Frost. Downlord then aquired the services of Reno Killerich (session drummer for Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child, amongst others). A new demo was then recorded with this line-up.

Downlord continued to write and rehearse material for future release upon the world, in an atmosphere that is both easy-going and pleasant. This is mainly due to the band members having such a wide & varied past (previous bands include: Iniquity, Benediction, Sacrificial, Daemon, and Bolt Thrower, to name but a few.) This can be heard in the band’s sound, as Downlord are a blistering coalition of the American, English and Scandinavian scenes.

On 6.6.06 (dubbed "All Satan's Day" by the band) Downlord announce they have signed to OPEN GRAVE RECORDS and a release, tentatively titled "Random Dictionary Of The Damned", will follow in late 2006

The band’s range of songs continue to grow, as does their strength. More details will unfold soon.....

Dave Ingram (UK) - Vocals
Donovan Spenceley (USA) - Guitar
Rene Falther (DK) - Guitar
Thomas Fagerlind (DK) - Bass
Rasmus Schmidt (DK) - Session Drums

Death Metal

Denmark, formed in 2004

Open Grave Records


Rene Falther - Guitar (ex-Jaded)
Donovan Spenceley - Guitar
Dave Ingram - Vocals (Strangler, ex-Bolt Thrower, Atobic (Session), ex-Warlord (UK), ex-Benediction)
Thomas Fagerlind - Bass (ex-Dawnfall, ex-Iniquity, ex-Daemon (Dnk), ex-Swollen, ex-Thorium)
Morten Siersbeck - Drums (Black Dementia, Exmortem (Dnk), Spectral Mortuary, Azalon)

Jesper Frost (ex-Iniquity) - Drums
Reno Killerich - Session Drums (Evil Morgan, Kobeast, 12Gauge, ex-Chthonic (Session), ex-Dimmu Borgir (Live), ex-Exmortem (Dnk), Hate Eternal, Old Man's Child, Panzerchrist, ex-Strangler, ex- Vile (US))
Rasmus Schmidt - Drums


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