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Album: ''Have Them Destroyed'' (2005 EP)
1. Fatalities
2. Through Hellfire Untarnished
3. Destroy the Memory
4. Like Nails
5. Ruthless

double dragon


Double Dragon's (Australia) latest EP release 'Scars Of Fire' is a heavy metal maelstrom that will undoubtedly change the face of the local and national heavy music scenes. Recorded and produced by Ian 'E-Dog' Miller (who has worked with bands such as 'The Hot Lies', 'I Killed The Prom Queen' and 'Cry Murder') at Soundhouse Studios in Adelaide, 'Scars Of Fire' represents Double Dragon at their most ferocious, with five songs that are not only honest, not only brutal, but are also melodic, infectious, and extremely anthemic.

'Scars of Fire' is the culmination of everything Double Dragon represents since their current lineup solidified in 2005. The EP contains messages culminated from a year of highs and lows, and reflects these themes individually. The EP's title, 'Scars Of Fire', is a direct reference to the challenges Double Dragon's lead singer Leeroy Gardener faced resulting from a very nearly fatal accident in July of 2005, in which he suffered from serious third degree burns. It is a document recounting the trauma of these injuries, his long and painful recovery, and his eventual return to the helm of Double Dragon. From tales of revenge to stories of evil, loss and love, 'Scars of Fire' has an uncompromisingly real message with an equally uncompromising musical delivery.

Self-financed completely through performance earnings, merchandise sales and personal contributions from each band member, Double Dragon recorded and mastered the new EP independently before signing to Truth Inc. Records (with distribution through M.G.M).

Without question, 'Scars of Fire' is Double Dragon's finest moment. It is assured to please almost any fan of the metal genre. Double Dragon are heavy music fans first and foremost, be it classic rock or metal, thrash, death or hardcore, as well as the underground scenes from around Australia and across the globe. Influences range from heavy metal pioneers 'Black Sabbath', 'Judas Priest', and 'Iron Maiden' to 80's/90's mega-acts 'Slayer', 'Pantera', and 'Faith No More', as well as modern heavyweights such as 'Killswitch Engage', 'Hatebreed' and 'In Flames'. The focus when recording 'Scars of Fire' was to record an EP's worth of material that reflected the band's love of anthemic metal that was not only brutal but also incredibly memorable. From the deceptive calm-before-the storm intro of 'Dead But Still Killing', the violent thrash riffing of 'Inflictor', to the unforgettable twin harmonies and rousing outro of 'The Skulls Of Fallen Conquerors', Double Dragon's latest EP is faultless in it's delivery and contains as much passion fuelled metal as can be put into just under twenty minutes of music.

Since Double Dragon's current lineup was cemented and the subsequent release of their debut independent EP 'Have Them Destroyed', the band has gone on to not only headline shows in their hometown, tour regionally and interstate on a number of occasions, but also play along side the likes of some of the biggest names in the Australian heavy music community. Performing alongside bands such as 'In Name And Blood', 'Shallow Grave', 'Walk The Earth', 'The Rivalry', 'Beanflipper', 'Truth Corroded', 'Captain Cleanoff' and 'Cry Murder'. With glowing praise from fans as well as a positive media response to their last EP and their live show, Double Dragon's next step is surely world domination.

'Scars of Fire' is available June 2006 through Truth Inc. Records with distribution through M.G.M. (Australia only).

Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

personal experiences, love, life

Australia (Adelaide), formed in 2005

Truth Inc. Records


Lee Gardiner - Vocals
Ben 'Moif Dog' Murphy - Guitars
Matt 'Roads' Johnston - Guitars
Jason 'Jase Bass' Moon - Bass
Dan 'Bling' Busch - Drums


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