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Promo 1994

Album: ''Promo 1994'' (1994 Demo)
1. En Krig Å Seire
2. Starcave, Depths And Chained
3. Når Vi Har Dolket Guds Hjerte

Kronet Til Konge

Album: ''Kronet Til Konge'' (1995)
1. Intro
2. Å Slakte Gud
3. En Krig å Seire
4. Jesu Blod
5. Midnattsskogens Sorte Kjerne
6. Kuldeblest Over Evig Isøde
7. Kronet Til Konge
8. Mournful, Yet and Forever
9. Når Vi Har Dolket Guds Hjerte
10. Starcave, Depths and Chained
11. When Heavens End
12. Outro

Monumental Possession

Album: ''Monumental Possession'' (1996)
1. Intro
2. Utopia Running Scarlet
3. The Crystal Specter
4. Bluebell Heart
5. Monumental Possession
6. Fluency
7. Angel Death
8. Lost In Faces
9. The Ultimate Reflection

Satanic Art

Album: ''Satanic Art'' (1998 EP)
1. Oneiroscope
2. Traces Of Reality
3. Symptom
4. The Paramount Empire
5. Wrapped In Plastic

666 International

Album: ''666 International'' (1999)
1. Shiva-Interfere
2. Ion Storm
3. Carpet Bombing
4. Regno Potiri
5. Final Conquest
6. Logic
7. Sonar Bliss
8. Magic
9. Completion

Supervillain Outcast

Album: ''Supervillain Outcast'' (2007)
1. Dushman
2. Vendetta Assassin
3. The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of
4. Horrorizon
5. Foe X Foe
6. Secret Identity
7. The Vile Delinquents
8. Unaltered Beast
9. Apocalypticism
10. Chrome Balaclava
11. Ghostforce Soul Constrictor
12. All Is Not Self
13. Supervillain Serum
14. Cellar Door
15. 21st Century Devil

Black Metal, Avant-Garde/Industrial Metal

Evil, Darkness, and Philosophy

Norway (Oslo), formed in 1994



Kvohst (Mat McNerney) - Vocals (Code, Void (UK), The Tragedians)
Mr. Fixit (aka Vicotnik) (Yusaf Parvez) - Guitars, Vocals (Drums) (Ved Buens Ende, Code) (1994 - )
Thrawn (Tom Kvålsvoll) - Guitars (Paradigma/Blackened (Nor), Nocturnal Breed)
Clandestine (Kristian Eidskrem) - Bass (Paradigma)
D'arn - Drums
Jormundgand - FX & Synth

Fenriz (Gylve Nagell) - Vocals, Bass (Darkthrone, Isengard (Nor), Neptune Towers, Storm (Nor), Valhall, Black Death (Nor)) (1995)
Galder (Thomas Rune Andersen) - Guitars (Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child) (1998)
Cerberus - Bass (1998)
Alver (Jonas Alver) - Bass (Emperor) (1996)
Apollyon (Ole Jørgen Moe) - Bass, Drums, Guitars, Vocals (Aura Noir, Cadaver Inc, Lamented Souls, Waklevören, Immortal (Nor)) (1995-1999)
Czral (Carl-Michael Eide) - Drums (Aura Noir, Cadaver Inc, Infernö, Ved Buens Ende, Virus (Nor), Ulver, Satyricon) (1999-2003)
Mort - Effects
Aldrahn (Bjørn Dencker Gjerde) - Vocals, Guitars (Thorns (Nor), Zyklon-B (Nor), Old Man's Child) (1994-2003)
Zweizz (aka Hologram, Mr. Magic Logic) (Svein Egil Hatlevik) - Keyboards, Piano (Fleurety, Aphrodisiac) (1997-2003)


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