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Champion Eternal

Album: ''Champion Eternal'' (1989 Demo)
1. The Mightiest War
2. Doomed Lord Dreaming
3. Stormbringer, The Black Sword
4. May The Rainbow Shine On You
5. The Eternal Champion
6. Kings In Darkness

Bearer of the Sword

Album: ''Bearer of the Sword'' (1991 Demo)
1. Introduction
2. Dark Emperor
3. Midnight Meat Train
4. Ghosts, A Poem
5. The Ship Of The Lost Souls
6. Blood Brothers' Fight
7. Uriel, The Flame Of God

Domine 1994

Album: ''Domine 1994'' (1994 Demo)
1. Intro
2. The Mass Of Chaos
3. Rising From The Flames
4. Freedom Flight
5. Army Of The Dead

Dragonlord (Tales of the Noble Steel)

Album: ''Dragonlord (Tales of the Noble Steel)'' (1999)
1. Anthem (A Declaration of War)
2. Thunderstorm
3. Last of the Dragonlords
4. Blood Brothers' Fight
5. Defenders
6. Mars,tThe Bringer of War
7. Dragonlord
8. Uriel, the Flame of God
9. The Ship of the Lost Souls
10. The Battle for the Great Silver Sword

Stormbringer Ruler - The Legend of the Power Supreme

Album: ''Stormbringer Ruler - The Legend of the Power Supreme'' (2001)
1. The Legend of the Power Supreme
2. The Hurricane Master
3. Horn of Fate
4. The Ride of the Valkyries
5. True Leader of Men
6. The Bearer of the Black Sword
7. The Fall of the Spiral Tower
8. For Evermore
9. Dawn of a New Day - A Celtic Requiem

Emperor of the Black Runes

Album: ''Emperor of the Black Runes'' (2004)
1. Overture Mortale (Intro)
2. Battle Gods
3. Arioch, The Chaos Star
4. The Aquilonia Suite Part I
5. The Prince in the Scarlet Robe
6. Icarus Ascending
7. The Song of the Swords
8. The Sun of the New Season
9. True Believer
10. The Forest of Light

Ancient Spirit Rising

Album: ''Ancient Spirit Rising'' (2007)
1. The Messenger
2. Tempest Calling
3. The Lady Of Shalott
4. I Stand Alone (After The Fall)
5. Ancient Spirit Rising
6. On The Wings Of The Firebird
7. Another Time, Another Place, Another Space
8. Sky Rider
9. How The Mighty Have Fallen



Domine is an epic power metal band started in the mid-1980s in Florence, Italy. Founded by the Paoli brothers, Enrico and Riccardo, the band recorded four demo tapes, and had many reviews and interviews in a lot of fanzines and magazines around the world before they released their first full-length album, Champion Eternal. Upon the release, the band was compared by mags and fanzines to Manowar, Queensryche, Warlord, Omen, Helstar, Candlemass, and Iron Maiden. The band was voted among the best Italian bands and best newcomers in all Italian metal magazines, and got the third place as new band on the Greek Metal Hammer readers' poll (just after Hammerfall and Rhapsody). After the release of the album, Domine played some gigs, the best being the one at the Italian Gods Of Metal Festival in Milan, and the one as support for Rip and Grave Digger during their Italian tour.

With the first album, the band established its personal style with epic metal songs like "Stormbringer (The Black Sword)" and "Army of The Dead", and power metal assaults like "The Mass Of Chaos" and "The Midnight Meat Train", while also creating progressive structures like the epic title track, "The Eternal Champion", a 12-minutes-long suite divided into seven parts. Domine is particular amongst power metal bands in that almost all of their albums are inspired by the Eternal Champion novels by Michael Moorcock, especially the Elric of Melniboné saga, and/or Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard.

Line Up :
Morby : Vocals
Enrico Paoli : Guitar
Riccardo Paoli : Bass
Riccardo Iacono : Keyboards
Stefano Bonini : Drums

Power Metal

Moorcock books

Italy (Florence), formed in 1986



Adolfo "Morby" Morbiducci - Vocals (Arthur Falcone, Dark Lord, Sabotage (Ita), Time Machine, Labyrinth (Ita))
Enrico Paoli - Guitars (Masterstroke (Ita))
Riccardo Paoli - Bass
Stefano Bonini - Drums (Necromass)
Riccardo Iacono - Keyboards

Stefano Mazzella - Vocals
Simone Gazzola - Vocals
Agostino Carpo - Guitar
Carlo "Funa" Funaioli - Drums
Mimmio Palmiotta - Drums (Death SS, Masterstroke (ita))

Leanan Sidhe - Vocals on "Stormbringer Ruler" and "Emperor Of The Black Runes" (Beholder)
Patrick Wire - narration on "Emperor Of The Black Runes" (Beholder)
Danie Powers - narration on "Stormbringer Ruler"
Richard J. Burton - narrator on "Champion Eternal"
Pif - Keyboards on "Champion Eternal"
Claudia Cantini - Keyboards on "Champion Eternal"
Luciano Zella - Keyboards on "Champion Eternal"
Steve Sylvester - Backing vocals on "Champion Eternal" (Death SS)


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