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Star Tales

Album: ''Star Tales'' (2004)
1. Dreamport
2. Eclipse (Corona Of The Sun)
3. Weaver's Dance
4. Boxed Daylight Part 1
5. Boxed Daylight Part 2
6. The Veil (Seven Face Danger)
7. Back to the Zone
8. Master of All
9. The Hill of Hope
10. Kruug
11. Vortex 3003
12. Mission Butterfly

dol ammad


Dol Ammad is an electro-cosmic-symphonic power metal band from Greece.

It is a kind of music spaceship that combines 3 initially very different music worlds and ultimately proves that good music should be free of rules, unprejudiced and universal. Mixing elements from the electronic, the operatic and the heavy metal music worlds, Dol Ammad have created a new universe of sounds and feelings. Their music is characterized by the plethora of sounds, the adventurous compositions and the now 14 member choir (7 men – 7 women) who are the “singer” in Dol Ammad.

Formed in the year 2000 Dol Ammad is the brainchild of composer Thanasis Lightbridge. Growing up with the influences of the great electronic masters such as Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis, Thanasis Lightbridge discovered along the way the energetic and powerful world of heavy metal which changed the way he thought about music. Dol Ammad is the effortless result of his creative and exploring nature, giving out a highly descriptive, unpredictable and artistic sound that is totally fresh and original.

The band describes itself as “Electronica – Art – Metal” and in 2002 Dol Ammad were presented and interviewed in the Music University of Thessaloniki Greece for giving birth to a new music genre!

Dol Ammad released 2 demo CDs in 2001 and 2002 which were incredibly well received by the metal world.

In 2003 Dol Ammad recruited the talents of one of the best power/progressive drummers in the world, Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody, Sieges Even), whose input was recorded and produced in Germany’s “Gate Studio” by Sascha Paeth and Olaf Reitmeier. Their much awaited debut album “Star Tales” was released in November 2004. It features 12 tracks of operatic and progressive fantasy metal lasting 62 minutes! “Star Tales” received amazing reviews and feedback and has opened the way to a steadily growing fan-base for Dol Ammad.

“Ocean Dynamics” is another unexplored fantasy trip (this time inspired by the powers of the sea) that reveals the band’s maturity and evolution. Apart from the more technical and challenging drumming that Alex Holzwarth produced this time, “Ocean Dynamics” will feature one of the greatest singers in the melodic metal world, DC Cooper, as a guest singer together with the choir in the song “Aquatic Majesty”.

Seeking total artistic freedom and control, Dol Ammad have formed their own personal record label “Electronicartmetal Records” which will carry the task of releasing Dol Ammad’s works as well as many other projects that Thanasis Lightbridge has planned for the near future.

Progressive/Symphonic/operatic metal with electronic music influences

Greece (Thessaloniki), formed in 2000



Dimitris Makrantonakis - Guitars (Transcending Bizarre?, Out of the Lair, ex-Desertomen)
Jimmy Wicked - Guitars
Thanasis Lightbridge - Synthesizers, Samples, FX
Nick Terry - Bass
Alex Holzwarth - Drums (Rhapsody of Fire, Sieges Even, Val'Paraiso, ex-Blind Guardian (touring), ex-Paradox (Ger), Avantasia))

The ``Europa`` Choir:
Vicky Alexaki, Maria Stolaki, Kortessa Tsifodimou, Alexandros Barmpas, Kyriakos Chouvardas, Panos Iaboultakis, Petros Moraitis, Themis Mpasdekis, Yannis Tsalouhidis, Sofia Patsi, Mary Palaska, Konstantina Strani, Anestis Papageorgiou.

Marieta Panagiotidou
Zoe Tsokanou
(both being ex-members of the Europa Choir)


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