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Back In The Streets

Album: ''Back In The Streets'' (1980 Demo)
1. Back In The Streets
2. Felony
3. Day After Day
4. We're Going Wrong
5. Liar (Live)
6. Prisoner (Live)


Album: ''We're Illegal'' (1982 Single)
1. We're Illegal
2. Paris is Burning

Breaking The Chains

Album: ''Breaking The Chains'' (1983)
1. Breaking The Chains
2. In The Middle
3. Felony
4. I Can't See You
5. Live To Rock (Rock To Live)
6. Nightrider
7. Seven Thunders
8. Young Girls
9. Stick To Your Guns
10. Paris Is Burning

Tooth And Nail

Album: ''Tooth And Nail'' (1984)
1. Without Warning
2. Tooth And Nail
3. Just Got Lucky
4. Heartless Heart
5. Don't Close Your Eyes
6. When Heaven Comes Down
7. Into The Fire
8. Bullets To Spare
9. Alone Again
10. Turn On The Action

Bullets to Spare

Album: ''Bullets to Spare'' (1984 Single)
1. Bullets to Spare
2. Into the Fire

Under Lock and Key

Album: ''Under Lock and Key'' (1985)
1. Unchain the Night
2. The Hunter
3. In My Dreams
4. Slippin' Away
5. Lightnin' Strikes Again
6. It's not Love
7. Jaded Heart
8. Don't Lie to Me
9. Will the Sun Rise?
10. Till the Livin' End

Alone Again

Album: ''Alone Again'' (1985 Single)
1. Alone Again
2. Tooth and Nail


Album: ''It's Not Love'' (1985 Single)
1. It's Not Love (Edit)
2. It's Not Love (Album Version)

The Hunter

Album: ''The Hunter'' (1985 Single)
1. The Hunter
2. Till the Livin' End

Dream Warriors

Album: ''Dream Warriors'' (1986 Single)
1. Dream Warriors
2. Back for the Attack
3. Paris is Burning

In My Dreams

Album: ''In My Dreams'' (1986 Single)
1. In My Dreams
2. Til the Livin' End
3. Alone Again

Lightning Strikes Again

Album: ''Lightning Strikes Again'' (1986 Single)
1. Lightning Strikes Again
2. It's Not Love

Unchain the Night

Album: ''Unchain the Night'' (1986 Video/VHS)
1. Into the Fire
2. Just Got Lucky
3. Breaking the Chains
4. Alone Again
5. The Hunter
6. In My Dreams
7. It's Not Love

Back For The Attack

Album: ''Back For The Attack'' (1987)
1. Kiss of Death
2. The Prisoner
3. Night by Night
4. Standing in the Shadows
5. Heaven Sent
6. Mr. Scary
7. So Many Tears
8. Burning Like a Flame
9. Lost Behind a Wall
10. Stop Fighting Love
11. Cry of the Gypsy
12. Sleepless Night
13. Dream Warriors

Burning Like A Flame

Album: ''Burning Like A Flame'' (1987 Single)
1. Burning Like A Flame
2. Lost Behind A Wall

Back for the Dokken

Album: ''Back for the Dokken'' (1988 Best of/Compilation)
1. Burning like a flame
2. Kiss of death
3. Alone again
4. The Hunter
5. Breaking the chains
6. Mr. Scary
7. Dream Warriors
8. Sleepless Nights
9. In my dreams
10. Heaven sent
11. Into the fire
12. Paris is burning

Beast From The East

Album: ''Beast From The East'' (1988 Live album)
1. Unchain The Night
2. Tooth And Nail
3. Dream Warriors
4. Kiss Of Death
5. When Heaven Comes Down
6. Into The Fire
7. Mr. Scary
8. Heaven Sent
9. It's Not Love
10. Alone Again
11. Just Got Lucky
12. Breaking The Chains
13. In My Dreams
14. Walk Away

Alone Again (Live)

Album: ''Alone Again (Live)'' (1988 Single)
1. Alone Again (Live)
2. It's Not Love (Live)

Heaven Sent

Album: ''Heaven Sent'' (1988 Single)
1. Heaven Sent
2. Mr. Scary

So Many Tears

Album: ''So Many Tears'' (1988 Single)
1. So Many Tears
2. Mr. Scary

Walk Away (Live)

Album: ''Walk Away (Live)'' (1989 Single)
1. Walk Away (Live)
2. Unchain the Night (Live)


Album: ''Dokken'' (1994)
1. What Price
2. Shadows of Life
3. Long Way Home
4. The Maze
5. Nothing Left to Say
6. Lesser of Two Evils
7. Inside Looking Out
8. Sweet Chains
9. Too High to Fly

The Best of Dokken

Album: ''The Best of Dokken'' (1994 Best of/Compilation)
1. Tooth and Nail
2. In My Dreams
3. Breaking the Chains
4. Into the Fire
5. Burning Like a Flame
6. It's Not Love
7. Alone Again
8. The Hunter
9. Kiss of Death
10. Just Got Lucky
11. Back for the Attack
12. Unchain the Night
13. Dream Warriors
14. Mr. Scary
15. Walk Away
16. Paris is Burning


Album: ''Dysfunctional'' (1995)
1. Inside Looking Out
2. Hole In My Head
3. The Maze
4. Too High To Fly
5. Nothing Left To Say
6. Shadows Of Life
7. Long Way Home
8. Sweet Chains
9. Lesser Of Two Evils
10. What Price
11. From The Beginning

Dysfunctional Sampler

Album: ''Dysfunctional Sampler'' (1995 Demo)
1. Too High To Fly (Edit)
2. Shadows Of Life
3. Hole In My Head
4. Inside Looking Out

One Live Night

Album: ''One Live Night'' (1995 Live album)
1. Into The Fire
2. Unchain The Night
3. The Maze
4. Nothing Left To Say
5. From The Beginning
6. Tooth And Nail
7. Just Got Lucky
8. I Will Remember
9. Alone Again
10. In My Dreams
11. Nowhere Man
12. It's Not Love

Too High To Fly

Album: ''Too High To Fly'' (1995 Single)
1. Too High To Fly (Edit)
2. Too High To Fly (Album version)


Album: ''Shadowlife'' (1997)
1. Puppet On A String
2. Cracks In The Ground
3. Sky Beneath My Feet
4. Until I Know
5. Hello
6. Convenience Store Messiah
7. I Feel
8. Here I Stand
9. Hard To Believe
10. Sweet Life
11. Bitter Regret
12. I Don't Mind
13. Until I Know (Slight Return)

Erase The Slate

Album: ''Erase The Slate'' (1999)
1. Erase The Slate
2. Change The World
3. Maddest Hatter
4. Drown
5. Shattered
6. One
7. Who Believes
8. Voice Of The Soul
9. Crazy Mary Goes Round
10. Haunted Lullabye
11. In Your Honor
12. Untitled

The Very Best Of Dokken

Album: ''The Very Best Of Dokken'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. Breaking The Chains
2. Paris Is Burning (Live)
3. Into The Fire
4. Just Got Lucky
5. Alone Again
6. Tooth And Nail
7. The Hunter
8. In My Dreams
9. It's Not Love
10. Dream Warriors
11. Burning Like A Flame
12. Heaven Sent
13. Mr. Scary
14. Walk Away
15. Mirror Mirror
16. Too High to Fly

Live From The Sun

Album: ''Live From The Sun'' (2000 Live album)
1. Erase The Slate
2. Kiss Of Death
3. The Hunter
4. Into The Fire
5. Maddest Hatter
6. Too High To Fly
7. Breaking The Chains
8. Paris Is Burning
9. Alone Again
10. It's Not Love
11. Tooth And Nail
12. In My Dreams

Yesterday And Today

Album: ''Yesterday And Today'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. Maddest Hatter
2. In My Dreams
3. Into The Fire
4. Breaking The Chains
5. Kiss Of Death
6. Tooth And Nail
7. Just Got Lucky
8. Erase The Slate
9. Unchain The Night
10. Alone Again

Long Way Home

Album: ''Long Way Home'' (2002)
1. Sunless Days
2. Little Girl
3. Everybody Needs (To Be With Someone)
4. You
5. Goodbye My Friend
6. Magic Road
7. There Was A Time
8. Heart Full Of Soul
9. Under The Gun
10. I've Found

Then & Now

Album: ''Then & Now'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Erase The Slate
2. Breaking The Chains (Live)
3. Into The Fire (Live)
4. Maddest Hatter
5. It's Not Love (Live)
6. Tooth And Nail (Live)
7. Alone Again (Live)
8. In My Dreams (Live)
9. Puppet On A String
10. Kiss Of Death (Live)
11. Little Girl
12. Unchain The Night (Live)

Japan Live

Album: ''Japan Live '95'' (2003 Live album)
1. Tooth And Nail
2. When Heaven Comes Down
3. Into The Fire
4. Kiss Of Death
5. Shadows Of Life
6. The Maze
7. Long Way Home
8. Breaking The Chains
9. Unchain The Night
10. Nothing Left To Say
11. I Will Remember
12. Alone Again
13. Mr. Scary
14. It's Not Love

Hell To Pay

Album: ''Hell To Pay'' (2004)
1. The Last Goodbye
2. Don't Bring Me Down
3. Escape
4. Haunted
5. Prozac Nation
6. Care For You
7. Better Off Before
8. Still I'm Sad
9. I Surrender
10. Letter To Home
11. Can You See
12. Care For You (Unplugged Version)

Change The World: An Introduction

Album: ''Change The World: An Introduction'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. Erase the Slate
2. Little Girl
3. Change the World
4. Its Not Love (Unplugged)
5. Maddest Hatter
6. Goodbye My Friend
7. Breaking the Chains (Live)
8. Alone Again (Live)
9. Puppet on A String
10. Drown
11. Tooth and Nail (Unplugged)
12. Sunless Days
13. Unchain the Night (Live)
14. Escape
15. Crazy Mary Goes Around
16. In My Dreams (Live)
17. Into the Fire (Unplugged)



At a time when the charts were ruled by heavy metal acts, Dokken was a major attraction throughout the 1980s. With vocalist

Don Dokken's captivating stage presence and guitarist George Lynch's high-energy style, the band combined rockers such as "Kiss of Death" and power ballads such as "Alone Again" in order to create a number of best-selling albums.

Dokken's roots date back to the late '70s, when Lynch, along with drummer Mick Brown, teamed up with Don Dokken to form the Boyz. In 1981, Don moved to Germany and was signed to Carerre Records. The band, now simply known as Dokken, recorded and released Breakin' the Chains, their first studio album, in 1981 and it was released in US with the title Breaking The Chains in 1983. While the record failed to retain a decent chart position in the United States, the group was immensely popular in Europe.

After a tour in Germany, Dokken was signed to Elektra Records, and Jeff Pilson became their first official bassist. In 1984, the band released Tooth and Nail, which featured the hit songs "Into the Fire," "Just Got Lucky," and "Alone Again." With heavy MTV and radio airplay, Dokken found themselves topping the charts worldwide, and Tooth and Nail eventually sold over one-million copies in the U.S. alone. Following a tour with the Scorpions, the group recorded Under Lock and Key in 1985, which had a similar success due to the hits "In My Dreams" and "It's Not Love." In 1987, the band released Back for the Attack, which featured a track they had written as the subtitle for the third Nightmare on Elm Street film, "Dream Warriors." The coinciding music video, which included scenes of the band interacting with the movie's characters, was their most popular ever, and Back for the Attack became Dokken's third record to reach platinum status. The album's subsequent tour resulted in a live compilation, Beast From the East, which was released shortly before the band broke up in 1988 due to Don Dokken's and Lynch's creative differences.

After the disbanding of Dokken, Don pursued a solo career with Up From the Ashes, and Lynch formed the Lynch Mob, releasing an album in 1990; both releases failed to chart. In 1992, the band reunited, but it wasn't until 1995 when they signed with Columbia Records and released Dysfunctional, which was met with harsh reviews and poor sales. Tensions once again seemed to hover around the group as they recorded the live acoustic release, One Live Night, in 1996 under the CMC label. In 1997, the band released Shadowlife, which was met with a similar response to their past two recordings. In 1998, Lynch left a second time to reunite Lynch Mob, and was replaced with Winger guitarist Reb Beach for 1999's Erase the Slate. This was followed in 2000 by another concert record, Live From the Sun, which captured the Beach lineup at Anaheim's Sun Theater. Beach left the group and was replaced by John Norum, and the group recorded Long Way Home for release in the spring of 2002. In 2003, ex-Warlock guitarist John Levin and ex-Ted Nugent and Yngwie Malmsteen bassist Barry Sparks joined the group, resulting in the release of Hell to Pay the following year.

Heavy metal, hard rock

Love, Personal Issues

United States of America (Los Angeles, California), formed in 1978

Frontiers Records


Don Dokken - Vocals (ex-Hear 'n Aid, Munetaka Higuchi (Guest))
Jon Levin - Guitars (Doro)
Barry Sparks - Bass (ex-Yngwie J. Malmsteen, ex-MVP, Cosmosquad, Guy Mann-Dude, Roland Grapow, ex-Miloš Dodo Doležal, M.S.G.)
Mick Brown - Drums (Hear 'n Aid)

George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Lynch-Pilson)
Reb Beach (Winger, Whitesnake, ex-Minoru Niihara)
John Norum (Europe, John Norum)
Alex De Rosso (Dark Lord, Hot Honey)
Greg Leon (Quiet Riot, Invasion, Sweet 19)

Juan Crouchier (RATT)
Jeff Pilson (Flesh And Blood, M.S.G., Lynch-Pilson, Power Project, Hear 'n Aid, Minoru Niihara, Munetaka Higuchi (Guest), Dio, Foreigner)

Greg Pecka (Hellion (US))
Mikkey Dee aka Michael Delaouglou (ex-King Diamond, Motörhead, guest drums in Helloween, ex-Geisha, ex-WWIII)


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