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Modus Operandi

Album: ''Modus Operandi'' (2002)
1. Lead in
2. Transylvanian (Love)
3. Everlasting
4. The Heart of Atlantis
5. As Mist Descends
6. Modus Operandi
7. To Forgive
8. Hollowed
9. Eighthundred and Seventynine
10. Vaya Con Diablos
11. Planeteer

Cycle of Zero

Album: ''Cycle of Zero'' (2004)
1. Of Steel And Man
2. Iron Hearted Cross
3. Overwhelming
4. Cycle Of Zero
5. Underground
6. 7.62
7. 2nd Ghost
8. Start At The End
9. God For Gold



Origin: Finland
Genres: Progressive Metal , Power Metal, Suomi Metal
Status: Active

Divercia formed in 1994, initially known as Lost In Twilight. By 1998 a lineup was set (minus a vocalist), and they decided to record their first album, Descending Mist, as an instrumental album. A year later they acquired a vocalist, and in 2001 they released Planeteer, still as Lost In Twilight. The following year they signed to Hammerheart Records, and at that time they changed name to Divercia, and have since released two more albums. Their style, as heard on their recent Cycle Of Zero album, seems to slot somewhere between power metal and prog metal, but they really aren't either -- they thankfully don't have the happy choruses and rollicking drums/riffs of so many Euro power metal bands, and though the keyboards give them a prog edge, they don't really fit there either. Divercia therefore is one of those familiar yet original bands, the kind that draw from several influences but don't fall prey to cloning another band or genre. Still a young band, these guys could have a strong future in front of them.

Dark Gothic Progressive Metal

Finland (Klaukkala, Nurmijärvi), formed in 2002

Karmageddon Media


Jyri "Jyppe" Aarniva - Vocals
Jarno Laakso - Guitar
Sami Inkiläinen - Guitar
Jukka "Jukkis" Hoffrén - Bass (Bride Adorned, Mind-A-Stray, Adamantra))
Teemu Laitinen - Drums (ex-TOC, Thy Serpent, Bride Adorned)
Jarno "Jassi" Hänninen - Keyboard

Janne Hänninen - Drums (1998-2002)


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