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Dispatched Into External

Album: ''Dispatched Into External'' (1992 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Ruined Minds
3. Demoniac of Cannibalism
4. Hang You in the Tongue
5. Dispatched Into External
6. Outro

Act Of Resurrection

Album: ''Act Of Resurrection'' (1993 Demo)
1. The Crusade of the Northern Gods
2. Acts of Resurrection

Promo 1993

Album: ''Promo 1993'' (1993 Demo)
1. The Crusade of the Northern Gods
2. Act of Resurrection

Awaiting the End

Album: ''Awaiting the End'' (1995 EP)
1. Blue Fire
2. ...Is Born
3. Red Zone
4. Awaiting the End


Album: ''Blackshadows'' (1996 EP)
1. You Only Know Life
2. Ghastly Gates
3. Blackshadows
4. Act of Resurrection
5. Outro

Returned To Your Mind

Album: ''Returned To Your Mind'' (1997 EP)
1. Restless Mind
2. Like a River of Sand
3. Hate My Life
4. Canis Lupus

Promised Land

Album: ''Promised Land'' (1998 EP)
1. A Griffin Banner
2. Revenous Men
3. Promised Land
4. Grant Me Rest
5. The Revealing
6. Fallen Wind


Album: ''Motherwar'' (2000)
1. Intro
2. Motherwar
3. To Sleep You Go
4. She's Lost
5. Down
6. Templar
7. The Final Countdown (Europe cover)
8. Silver Waves
9. Dispatched


Album: ''Terrorizer'' (2004)
1. Terrorizer
2. Rebellion
3. Wicked Dreams
4. Waste Some Steel
5. Override
6. Mechanical
7. I Am Thy Lord
8. Beneath the World of Chaos
9. Cyber
10. Under the Ice (short version)



The whole story of Dispatched began just before New-Years Eve of '91/'92. The founder, Daniel Lundberg, and Krister Andersson decided to start a band. Jonas Kimbrell joined this duo later on and their first Demo was recorded in the summer of 1992. Till the end of the same year, Emanuel Astrom was found and the line-up was complete. It was then that they recorded their first demo Dispatched into External at Stone Studio.

Returning to the same studio in early 1993, they recorded a new promo tape. In the summer of 1993, the whole gang drove to the famous Unisound to make another promo. With this second promo Dispatched gained more attention and some labels showed interest in the band. This tape received no bad reviews at all. One year later, Dispatched returned to Unisound to record a whole album, which was planned to be released by Exhumed Productions in Germany. A total of eleven songs were recorded. Jonas and Emanuel decided to go their own way right after this recording.

Daniel and Krister continued alone for the rest of '94, buying a 4-channel studio and not rehearsing at all. However, by the end of '95 Fredrik Larsson joined the band and they started to rehearse again. Until then, Exhumed Production had only released four of the eleven songs as a 7" EP. Right before the summer of '96, Krister had grown tired of the band and left. This ended the first era, which included the release of the 7" EP Awaiting the End and later on the MCD Blackshadows, both taken from the recording done in 1994.

Daniel and Fredrik continued to rehearse and after the summer they found a new drummer, Mattias Hellman. Later on the found a keyboard player and vocalist, Fredrik Karlsson. This four piece planned to record some new songs until the summer of '97, but Hellman wasn't good enough in the studio, so he was replaced by Dennis Nilsson. After some changes of studio dates, Dispatched finally recorded four songs in Studio Titan in September '97 (later to become the MCD Returned to Your Mind). Dennis Nilsson became a full member of the band and a second guitar player, Emil Larsson, joined as well in the beginning of 1998.

With this line-up, Dispatched began rehearsing for a new release. Between the 3rd and 7th of August 1998 Dispatched visited Studio ABYSS, with Tommy Tägtgren behind the knobs. This resulted in a new MCD Promised Land, which contained six songs total.

Dispatched signed a one MCD deal with Kshatryas Production of Germany for this release, and Promised Land saw the light of day just before Christmas 1998.

During 1999 not much was done, only rehearsing a lot for the planned full-length album. In October, the guys entered the Abyss Studio with Tommy Tägtgren again. Two weeks were booked, but Dispatched was well prepared for this action, and used only twelve days for the recording of ten new songs. Dispatched had already received offers from several record companies before the recording session, but they stayed calm and didn't sign anything. Now with a whole album, they sent out a couple of copies to a few record companies again, to see the reaction. The reaction was amazing and Dispatched was offered many deals from different labels.

After a lot of thinking, Dispatched signed for Music For Nations in March 2000. In that same year they released their first full-length album: Motherwar.

Following the release of Motherwar, Fredrik Larsson was at replaced by Mattias Hellman on bass, and the band went to the famous Studio Fredman in 2001, to record the band's 2nd album. However, due to some problems, this record was never released and the band continued to write songs and do some live shows. In the autumn of 2002, members of Dispatched decided to go their separate ways and the second and last era of Dispatched ended...

Despite their break-up, many of Dispatched's fans requested a release of the band's last unreleased album from 2001, and a deal was made in 2003 to release this recording under Medusa Productions as the album Terrorizer: The Last Chapter....



* Blackshadows (1994)
* Motherwar (2000)
* Terrorizer: The Last Chapter... (2003)


* Dispatched into External (1992)
* Awaiting the End (1995)
* Blackshadows (1996)
* Returned to Your Mind (1997)
* Promised Land (1998)

Blackened Death Metal (early) - Melodic Death Metal (now)

Evil (Old), War, Sci-Fi, Swedish history (Now)

Sweden (Gnesta (early), Södertälje (now)), formed in 1991

Rising Realm Records

On hold

Daniel Lundberg - Lead guitar, Keyboards, backup vocals (ex-Dark Edge)
Fredrik Karlsson - Lead vocals, bass (ex-Funeral Dirge (Swe), ex-Dark Edge)
Emil Larsson - Rhythm guitar
Dennis Nilsson - Drums

Krister Andersson (1991-1996)

Dennis Hultin (1997)
Ulrika Forsberg (1993)

Jonas Kimbrell (1992-1994) (ex-The Marble Icon, ex-Cryptic Art (Swe), ex-Game Over)
Fredrik Larsson (1995-2000) (ex-Dark Edge)
Mattias Hellman (2000-2004) (ex-Pitbullfarm, ex-Wacos)
Peter Furå (Live 2004)

Fredrik Larsson (1991)
Emanuel Åström (1992-1994)


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