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Reborn In Blasphemy

Album: ''Reborn In Blasphemy'' (1990 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Dismembered
3. Sickening Art
4. Defective Decay

Like An Ever Flowing Stream

Album: ''Like An Ever Flowing Stream'' (1991)
1. Override of the Overture
2. Soon to Be Dead
3. Bleed for Me
4. And So Is Life
5. Dismembered
6. Skin Her Alive
7. Sickening Art
8. In Death's Sleep

Skin Her Alive

Album: ''Skin Her Alive'' (1991 Single)
1. Skin Her Alive
2. Defective Decay


Album: ''Pieces'' (1992 EP)
1. Intro
2. Pieces
3. I Wish You Hell
4. Carnal Tomb
5. Soon to Be Dead

Indecent And Obscene

Album: ''Indecent And Obscene'' (1993)
1. Fleshless
2. Skinfather
3. Sorrowfilled
4. Case # Obscene
5. Souldevourer
6. Reborn in Blasphemy
7. Eviscerated (Bitch)
8. 9th Circle
9. Dreaming in Red

Massive Killing Capacity

Album: ''Massive Killing Capacity'' (1995)
1. I Saw Them Die
2. Massive Killing Capacity
3. On Frozen Fields
4. Crime Divine
5. To the Bone
6. Wardead
7. Hallucigenia
8. Collection by Blood
9. Casket Garden
10. Nenia
11. Life - Another Shape of Sorrow

Casket Garden

Album: ''Casket Garden'' (1995 EP)
1. Casket Garden
2. Wardead
3. Justifiable Homicide

Death Metal

Album: ''Death Metal'' (1997)
1. Of Fire
2. Trendkiller
3. Misanthropic
4. Let the Napalm Rain
5. Live For the Fear (Of Pain)
6. Stillborn Ways
7. Killing Compassion
8. Bred For War
9. When Hatred Killed the Light
10. Ceremonial Comedy
11. Silent Are the Watchers
12. Mistweaver


Album: ''Misanthropic'' (1997 EP)
1. Misanthropic
2. Pagan Saviour (Autopsy cover)
3. Shadowlands
4. Afterimage
5. Shapeshifter

Hate Campaign

Album: ''Hate Campaign'' (2000)
1. Suicidal Revelations
2. Questionable Ethics
3. Beyond Good and Evil
4. Retaliate
5. Enslaved to Bitterness
6. Mutual Animosity
7. Patrol 17
8. Thanatology
9. Bleeding Over
10. In Death's Cold Embrace
11. Hate Campaign

Where Ironcrosses Grow

Album: ''Where Ironcrosses Grow'' (2004)
1. Where Ironcrosses Grow
2. Forged With Hate
3. Me-God
4. Tragedy of the Faithful
5. Chasing the Serpent
6. Where Angels Fear to Tread
7. Sword of Light
8. As the Coins Upon Your Eyes
9. Children of the Cross
10. As I Pull the Trigger

Live Blasphemies

Album: ''Live Blasphemies'' (2004 DVD)
1. Dismembered
2. Soon to Be Dead
3. Casket Garden
4. Of Fire
5. Bleed For Me
6. Skinfather
7. Misanthropic
8. I Saw Them Die
9. Skin Her Alive
10. In Death's Sleep
11. Hate Campaign

The God That Never Was

Album: ''The God That Never Was'' (2006)
1. The God That Never Was
2. Shadows of the Mutilated
3. Time Heals Nothing
4. Autopsy
5. Never Forget, Never Forgive
6. Trail of the Dead
7. Phantoms (Of the Oath)
8. Into the Temple of Humiliation
9. Blood For Paradise
10. Feel the Darkness
11. Where No Ghost Is Holy



Founded 1988 in Stockholm/Sweden, Dismember were among those responsible for Death Metal’s big break­through. The debut album, “Like An Ever Flowing Stream” from 1991, clearly showed that Dismember are an uncompromising band which resulted in their rise to cult status within a short period of time after the album took the scene by storm. Extensive touring with bands like Death and Cannibal Corpse showed that Dismember are a live force to be reckoned with and the number of fans grew steadily.

Spurred on by success, it was easy for mastermind, drummer and producer, Fred Estby and co. to commence the songwriting for the next album. However, the band then released the 5-track EP, "Pieces", and went out on tour again instead with Napalm Death and Obituary. They played for thousands of fans throughout Europe thus reinforcing their status as one of the best live bands on earth.

The second album, “Indecent & Obscene”, sounded more mature and accessible as it’s predecessor without, however, casting aside the bands’ Death Metal roots. The tour which followed took Dismember to America for the first time where they left an astonished audience behind after tearing through the US of A like a runaway train before returning to Europe to take part in the first Nuclear Blast Festival tour with labelmates Hypocrisy, Amorphis and Benediction.

1995 saw the release of the 3-track single, “Casket Garden” and the third album, “Massive Killing Capacity”, through which Dismember became a legend in their own right. The Swedes had never been better.

After a short creative break, the Swedes returned with a vengeance in 1997 with the single, “Misanthropic” and the album, “Death Metal” and showed the then flourishing, second generation of Death Metal that Dismember are still an ever present force.

Two years passed, and Dismember returned with a new album, "Hate Campaign", which had all the qualities of a true classic. Songs like "Questionable Ethics", "Bleeding Over", "Enslaved to Bitterness" or the brilliant title track, showed that Dismember hadn't forgotten a thing. The band had, once again, managed to improve their instinctive feel for good songs and presented, with "Hate Campaign", a merciless, all-pulverising Death Metal album enriched by highly accessible melodies and riffing.

After a long absence Dismember stroke back in 2004 with "Where Ironcrosses Grow" - one of the strongest albums to emerge from Stockholm's Death Metal scene since the glorious days back in the early 90's. Dismember was back!

Sooner than expected the band who was almost written off a few years ago is about to release their follow up. Reaching even further back through the mists of time to bring you the ultimate in “old school Death metal”, Dismember has explored their underground roots and paid homage to their NWOBHM heroes to bring you the vicious breed of real Death metal which now has become their trademark. Dismembers 7th album, “The God That Never Was”, consists of eleven uncompromising songs true to the genre they helped create. Ranging from the violently brutal to the two guitar harmonies “The God That Never Was” combines them both. After eighteen years of relentless live performances and classic album releases, Dismember is back with their most crushing album to date.

As long as Dismember live, Death Metal will reign!

Matti Kärki – vocals
David Blomqvist – guitars
Martin Persson – guitars
Tobias Christiansson – bass
Fred Estby - drums

Death Metal

Death, War, Religion, Hate, Gore

Sweden (Stockholm), formed in 1988

Regain Records


Matti Kärki - Vocals (ex-Carnage (Swe), ex-Therion (Swe), Murder Squad, ex-General Surgery, ex-Carbonized (Swe))
David Blomqvist - Guitars (ex-Carnage (Swe), ex-Entombed)
Martin Persson - Guitars (ex-Mörk Gryning, ex-Berserk (Swe), Frasse Haraldsen, ex-Sins of Omission)
Tobias Christiansson - Bass
Thomas Daun - live drums (Insision, Repugnant (Swe))

Fred Estby (1988-2007) (ex-Carnage (Swe), The A-Bombs, ex-Centinex, The Clint Eastwood Experience, Shubniggurat, Daemon (Dnk), ex-Terra Firma)

Richard Cabeza (1991-1998,2000-2004) (Murder Squad, Damnation (Swe), Unanimated, Born of Fire (Swe), ex-Carbonized (Swe), ex-General Surgery, ex-Dark Funeral)
Sharlee D'Angelo (1998-2000) (Arch Enemy, ex-Sinergy, ex-Illwill, Witchery (Swe), ex-Facelift, Mercyful Fate, Spiritual Beggars)
Erik Gustafsson (ex-Therion (Swe))
Johan Bergeb�ck (2004-2005) (Necrophobic (Swe), ex-Morpheus (Swe), Nifelheim (Swe))
Nicke Andersson - also lead guitars on the demos (ex- Entombed, The Hellacopters, ex-Nihilist (Swe), ex-Daemon (Dnk), Death Breath, ex-Brainwarp)

Magnus Sahlgren (1998-2003) (ex-Tiamat, Celeborn, Lake of Tears)

Vocals, Bass, Guitars:
Robert Sennebäck (1988-1998) (ex-Unleashed (Swe), Damnation, Souldevourer)


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