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Album: ''Thoughts'' (2004)
1. Gedanken zur Gedankenlosigkeit
2. Sinnesrausch
3. Whispers Tell
4. Suche nach dem Glanz des Verborgenem
5. Thoughts
6. Kraftlose Kraft
7. Sommerregen



The jewel DISMAL was created back in June 1995, nearby Turin, when Bradac and Parsifal joined to the call of the Earth, gradually becoming one thing with it while cultivating in an inseparable way their art and spirit. The passion and the big efforts result in a new decadent artistic experience, deeply rooted in both medieval and classic music, which soon becomes the fruit of both the visions and the sensations of their sublimation.

The first period is dedicated to the experience and the maturation, and the curtain opens in October '96 with the demotape "Our Sad Saga", which is quite immediately re-issued on CD by Naumana Prodisc, a new-born label from Turin.

Pagan Moon Records shows soon a big interest in this demotape and, after signing the band, releases DISMAL's debut CD "Fiaba Lacrimevole - Like A Red Bleeding Rose In A Glacial Desert"… This new piece of art salutes the arrival of Margan inside the band, for which she releases the female vocals and the spoken parts. The 'primal cell' for the new chapter of the Saga is then completed.
The album is a fairy drama divided in three acts, based on symbolism and metaphors (referred to the introspective experience) which constitute the prosecution of the Saga told on the previous releases. The theatrical part, a basic part of the 'dismalian art', is now more intense than before and the musician becomes actor in this fairy Saga, which tells about his spiritual walk. The music on this album is an epic and obscure doom-gothic, soaked with an enchanted realism and glacial apparitions.

In 2001, after a long pause of 3 years, Parsifal changes his ritual name into Afelio and the new singer Ae replaces Margan, consolidating in an important way the art of DISMAL. This new line-up release the new petal "Dionisiaca", which is licensed by the professional Beyond…prod, prosecuting the walk interrupted 3 years before.

The new opus shows a further deep maturation of the style, and it is also a kind of introduction for what soon will be a pure flow of "Rubino Liquido - Three Scarlet Drops…", which becomes the band's new album.

The band released a new album entitled "Miele dal Salice" in February 2007.

Melodic Death / Black Metal

Austria (Vienna), formed in 1997

Black Empire Records


Denis Dincer - Vocals, Acoustic & Rhythm Guitar (Empyre)
Andreas Bachinger - Rhythm Guitar
Karin Hauk - Drums

Heidelinde Heidi Moser - Bass (2003 - 2004)
Michael Paul - Guitar (1997 - 2002)
Eugen M. Pagany - Lead Guitar (Bass, 2000 - 2002) (Empyre, Festering Flesh, Verdammnis, Punishment (Aut))
Feanor Curufinwe (Stefan Huber) - Keyboard (Greifenstein, ex-Vanguard (Aut), ex-Ash Nazg (Aut))


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