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Album: ''Dilemma'' (2005 Demo)
1. Dilemma
2. Confusion
3. Aggression
4. Gray Tomorrow



The progressive rock-metal band Disenchant was formed in 2000. After some substitutions the final line up has becomed as,

M. Serkan Bilgi – Drums
Burak Ordu – Lead Vocals
Ali Ozen – Guitars & Vocals
Ilker Tekbasaran – Keyboards & Vocals
Ozgur Turkekul – Guitars
Armagan Umut – Bass

They published their first EP, Dilemma, in 2004. Until that time the band had covered the classics of Progressive Metal giants like Dream Theater, Tool, Pain of Salvation etc. The band still counts as the most technically skilled and successfull band in Turkiye, when it comes to these names.

After the positive reactions coming to their EP Dilemma, the band had speed up the composing the new songs for the debut album.

They entered the studio for recording the first album in September 2006. They recorded “Minds Corrupted” in ATM Studios, one of the best studios in Turkiye with Alp Turaç (who is also the official representer of Sterling Sound Mastering ) and Erim Arkman. After recording the album and mixing sessions, the recordings mastered in New York City, Sterling Sound by Leon Zervos. We can remember Mr. Zervos’ name from mastering highly known records like, Dream Theater’s Once in a LiveTime, again Dream Theater’s Falling into Infinity, Liquid Tension Experiment’s LTE I, Avril Lavigne’s Under My Skin etc.

The albums’s artwork is made by GroundFrost (Shelley Bergen and Antti Isosomppi) who worked in design projects for popular names like Black Eyed Peas, John Legend, The Killers, Kanye West and more unpopular ones like God Forbid, Coil of Sihn, Symbiontic, Unwrap, Fragments of Unbecoming etc.

The summer program of the band is crowded with co-headlining Pain of Salvation in Masstival ’07 and also co-headlining Pentagram (aka Mezarkabul), the most popular heavy metal band of Turkiye, in their 20th anniversary celebrations. The band’s shows can also be seen in, ultimate concert hotwire.

Other than the high musiquality of band’s songs, their virtuosity in their own instruments (when thinking about their age is 21 in average!) makes their live performance even better, Disenchant is one of the most known bands in Turkiye when compared to the number of live events they appear.

Progressive Metal

Turkey (Izmir), formed in 2000



Ali Özen - Guitar
Özgür Türkekul - Guitar
Sercan Say - Bass
Ilker Tekbasaran - Keyboard
Serkan Bilgi - Drums
Burak Ordu - Vocals

Burç Benli - Bass
Anil Yigit Filiz - Bass
Aykut Bozalan - Vocals


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