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Album: ''Unbound'' (1993 Demo)
1. Moody (intro)
2. Scanning The Inner
3. Mortified Soul
4. Stare Into Voids
5. Blackness


Album: ''Disbelief'' (1997)
1. Follow
2. Away
3. My Life
4. Scattered Product
5. God? Master!
6. In A Cage
7. Soul Massacre
8. Why Emotional?
9. Against The Shadow
10. The Harmony Within
11. Behind Those Eyes


Album: ''Infected'' (1998)
1. Infected
2. Mindstrip
3. First
4. Fetish '97
5. Again
6. Down
7. Pounding
8. Without A Kiss
9. Now

Worst Enemy

Album: ''Worst Enemy'' (2001)
1. Misery
2. Believer
3. Survive
4. All Or Nothing
5. Denial
6. Assassinate The Scars
7. Recession
8. Living Wreck
9. Humiliation
10. Outro


Album: ''Shine'' (2002)
1. No Control
2. Walk
3. The Decline
4. Shine
5. Me and My World
6. Alive
7. Honour Killings
8. Falling Without Reason
9. Mad Sick Mankind
10. Free

Spreading the Rage

Album: ''Spreading the Rage'' (2003)
1. The Beginning Of Doubt (Intro)
2. Ethic Instinct
3. To The Sky
4. No More Lies
5. Spreading The Rage
6. Inside My Head
7. Death Will Score
8. For Those Who Dare
9. Addiction
10. It's God Given
11. Drown
12. Democracy
13. Back To Life


Album: ''66Sick'' (2005)
1. 66 (Intro)
2. Sick
3. Floating On High
4. For God?
5. Continue From This Point
6. Crawl
7. Rewind It All (Death Or Glory)
8. Lost In Time
9. Try
10. Edges
11. Mental Signpost
12. To Atone For All


Album: ''Navigator'' (2007)
1. Navigator
2. When Silence Is Broken
3. The One
4. The Thought Product
5. Between Red Lines
6. It Is Simply There
7. Falling Down
8. Passenger
9. Selected
10. Sacrifice



Disbelief - sometimes decapitalised to 'disbelief' - is a German Metal Band. Their music combines death metal with doom metal and post-hardcore.

The band was formed in 1990, but did not become one solid line-up for several years. They began with Karsten Jäger, Oliver Lenz, and drummer Markus Gnap, with guitarist/bassist Denis Musiol joining later. They released their first demo the following year. After two more demo tapes , five years, and the replacement of Gnap and Musiol with Tommy Fritsch, Jochen Trunk, and Kai Bergerin, they released their self-titled album in 1997. Their second album, Infected, was released in 1998. A year later, they replaced Fritsch with Jan-Dirk Löffler and received a new recording contract from Massacre Records. After a few more albums, they became signed to Nuclear Blast, which distributed their 2004 record Spreading the Rage to North America and helped them to gain a wider fanbase. After reinstating Fritsch into the band, they released 66Sick in 2005, also in the Americas. Lenz left the band in late 2006, and has not yet been replaced; however, the band's seventh album, Navigator, is still slated for release in late February.

Death/Sludge Metal

Depression, Suicide, Inner Struggles

Germany (Gundernhausen), formed in 1990

Massacre Records


Karsten "Jagger" Jäger - Vocals
Jochen 'Joe' Trunk - Bass (ex-No Silence)
Jonas Khalil - Guitars (ex-Eternal Glory, ex-Immortal Metalheads, Sacred Steel)
Witali Weber - Guitars
Kai Bergerin - Drums (Thorn.Eleven)

Jan-Dirk Löffler - Guitars
Tommy Fritsch - Guitars (ex-Devastate (Ger))
Denis Musiol - Guitars/Bass
Markus Gnap - Drums (ex-Deztroyer, Stay Where The Pepper Grows)
Oliver 'Olly' Lenz - Guitars


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