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Life Eraser

Album: ''Life Eraser'' (2005 Demo)
1. Life Eraser

Relentless Pain

Album: ''Relentless Pain'' (2005 Demo)
1. Bone Crusher
2. Relentless Pain
3. Life Eraser



DIE was founded during spring 2005 by the members Bent and Tajs. They had long been playing around with the thought of making a death metal band, and at this point it seemed appropriate to do so. Simon from Fairytale Abuse was a close friend of the band, so he quickly became involved with this new project. Simon has a way with growls and screams which suits DIE very well. And combined with Tajs' expert guitar sawing and Bent's drum beating sprees you have an old-school, yet inventive band which draws its influences from both the technical masterpieces of our brother country Sweden and the old-school American death metal sound.

Thus, DIE was formed.

A home-produced demo track called Life Eraser was recorded during April 2005. This was the very first song to be concieved from DIE. The band decided that a 3-track demo should be recorded as soon as new compositions fell in place.

Soon hereafter Rasmus joined the band on guitar and Jonas joined in on bass. With the band now consisting of 5 members, they decided to record the demo Relentless Pain holding the songs Bone Crusher, Relentless Pain and Life Eraser(re-recorded solo version). The final demo was printed and released to the public during autumn of 2005. It was well recieved by critics.

Spring 2006:
New, technically improved, material is currently cooking for the upcoming live shows throughout Denmark.

Brutal Death Metal

Denmark (Aarhus), formed in 2005



Simon Pedersen - Vocals (Fairytale Abuse)
Tajs Kolman - Lead Guitar
Rasmus Henriksen - Rhythm Guitar (Panzerchrist, Demolition Inc.)
Bent Bisballe Nyeng - Drums (ex-Panzerchrist)
Jonas Møller - Bass (ex-Adversary (Dnk))


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