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Dark Alliance

Album: ''Dark Alliance'' (2000 Demo)
1. Woods of Thorn
2. Evil at Heart
3. A Transilvanian Scenario
4. Nightfall in Shadowlands
5. Dream of Maia

Compendium Infernus

Album: ''Compendium Infernus'' (2002 Demo)
1. Dies Irae
2. Descendants of Satan
3. In Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
4. Hominis Nocturna
5. The Night of Shooting Stars
6. In the Eye of the Storm
7. Falne Krigere

diabolical breed


The following is copied directly from Diabolical Breed's official website Biography page:

Diabolical Breed
The rise of the infernal order

In the far north of the Norwegian mountain landscape they
emerged in the year 1999, the children of the night,
the high priests of the Order of Chaos.

the dark warlord of Hell.
The founder of the infernal order and destroyer of christian souls,
whos bashing brutality in war strikes like rumbling terror from beyond.

Count Darcon,
the black wizard of Tun.
Bringer of sorrow divine, summoner of child haunting nightmares
and channeler of the horrified voices of the damned.

the commander of satans infernal hordes.
Slaughterer of God's lamb, summoned out of pagan shadows,
to be heard screaming for christian blood throughout
the battles of Heaven and Hell.

2000 years past the crusification of the virginborn cunt,
a "Dark Alliance" was forged between the demons and the dark
mistress, Mystica. The evil succubus sent to seduce and feed
upon the human race. During the following winter her unholy screams
echoed through the mountain range, under the banner of Diabolical Breed.

In the year 2001 of Gods bastard son, these descendants of the beast
would terrorize the world once again, with the help of a fellow
wiking Berserker. This heartless mercenary from the north
brought forth his six-stringed angelwhip, to battle the forces
divine. During the season of the cursed christ, the joined
forces worked together, as an act of blasphemy, to
complete their second spell; "Compendium Infernus".

From the eye of a blizzard storm by the name of Bortgang,
the sadistic Marquis de Enfer sought to join the infernal order of chaos.
Through his Enslavement of Beauty he had gained the pagan powers to
descend into darkness and from the cursed year 2002,
his wardrums has caused mortal fear in the eyes of God.

From the far east, in the diabolic year 2003, an offer of alliance
were presented the accursed ones. A united desire for
Worldchaos gave the opportunity for the infernal art
of black magic to spread worldwide.

The end of the world is at hand...

Symphonic Black Metal

Norway (Kjelling), formed in 1999

Worldchaos Production


Commander Kael - Vocals
Berserker - Guitars
Nochmar - Bass
Count Darcon - Keyboards
Marquis De Enfer (Ole Alexander Myrholt) - Drums (Enslavement of Beauty, Archon, Gaia Epicus, Tremor (Nor))


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