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Album: ''Princess'' (1999 Single)
1. Penetration
2. Princess
3. The Art of Self-destruction
4. Crusify
5. Dancing Queen (Abba cover)

Elegance In Black

Album: ''Elegance In Black'' (2000)
1. Elegance in Black
2. Princess
3. Triumph of Misery
4. Crusify
5. The Art of Self-destruction
6. Beginning of the End
7. Distorted
8. Penetration
9. Core of Lies
10. Dancing Queen (Abba cover)


Album: ''Renaissance'' (2002)
1. Angel
2. Icon of Flesh
3. Tunnel of Pain
4. C22
5. Creatures of Deception
6. Hollow Point
7. Intomesee
8. Enemy
9. A Fear
10. Renaissance

Album: ''Intomesee'' (2002 Single)
1. Intomesee

Read My Scars

Album: ''Read My Scars'' (2003 Single)
1. Read My Scars


Album: ''Eternium'' (2004)
1. Symbol Of Eternity
2. Read My Scars
3. Queen Of Entity
4. Lovedivided
5. Faceless
6. The Preacher
7. In Flesh
8. Black Swan
9. Omerta
10. Shape Shifters
11. Reptiles


Album: ''Mimic47'' (2006)
1. Shadow World
2. Damien
3. Together as Lost
4. In Sorrow we Trust
5. Mimic 47
6. Condition Red
7. Kalla (Instr.)
8. Blackheart
9. Kathryn
10. Rebellion of One
11. D.O.A.


There are at least three artists named "Diablo."

1. Four piece Finnish metal-bulldozer Diablo was born in the late 1990s and recorded it´s first mini-album “Princess” catching a record deal with Poko Rekords. The first album “Elegance in Black” was released in 2000 and was described as a powerful punch in the face.

In 2002 after releasing the second album Renaissance, which went straight to number 14 on the Finnish Top 40, Diablo played gigs on several summer festivals. Most important of them was the internationally known Tuska-festival in Helsinki. The band also made a video of the album´s opening track “Angel”. Diablo took a strong place in the Finnish metal music scene with these two albums.

The expectations for the third album increased to a high level when the release date got closer. The hype around the band was enormous. And just before the third album´s release, Finnish most popular music show "Levyraati" broadcasted their brand new video of the song “Read My Scars”, also released as a single (staying nine weeks on the single chart, topping at number three). The video got so much feedback that even the grannies knew the group after that!

Diablo – that hails in the names of Testament, Slayer and Death- released it’s latest album Eternium on the 19th of January 2004. It went straight to number 3 on the chart, staying for eight weeks on the Finnish Top 40. The band got awesome media interest. Most of the gigs were sold out and the forthcoming summer seems to be a busy time for the group. Diablo, Finland's brightest metal hope, is known as a super live act, capable of producing their enormous roar also on stage.

Eternium’s 11 songs consist of ass-kicking down-tuned guitar riffs decorated with melodic sologuitar harmonies. Vocals are a combination of crunch and clean parts with great melodies. This kind of metal hasn´t been available before. The hot chilisoup has been cooked by Diablo itself. Rainer (rhythm guitar & vocals) and Marko (solo guitar) are responsible for composing and writing the lyrics. The drummer Heikki is phenomenal young talent and the bass player Aadolf the long-hair show man of the band.

The clock is ticking and it's time to welcome Diablo's fourth album Mimic47 to the world. The title track was released as a single in November and it reached immediately the #1 position on the Finnish single chart and kept the pole position for weeks. The video of the title song has been broadcasted on many tv channels and the clubs play the single like hell. The material consists of the tight playing, genius guitar riffs, great melodies and the attitude only finnish men can have - caused by living in a dark and cold north 24/7! Diablo is for example taking Finnish Skiing federation and doping under discussion in their songs. Definitely an interesting topic! Mimic47 will be THE album taking the finnish metal scene to new heights 2006.

Diablo show has started. Take a seat and check your safety belts, Total Brutal Metal is coming!

Behold, the flames will rise from Finland!

2. Diablo was a prolific musician throughout at least the early and mid 1990s in the Amiga demoscene, possibly most notable for composing the songs from Budbrain's first and second megademos.

3. Diablo may also refer to the soundtrack to the computer dark fantasy RPG by the same name. The original game was released by Blizzard in 1996, featuring three character options and an innovative dungeon generation program. The game closed with a battle against the demon Diablo.

The second game, Diablo II was released by Blizzard in 2000 with an expansion called "Lords of Destruction" in 2001, and featured more character options and a story based on the first game's ending. Both games included online multi-player options which became immensely popular.

Melodic Death Metal

Death, Emotions, Violence

Finland (Kalajoki), formed in 1995

Poko Rekords


Rainer Nygård - Vocals, Guitar (Armatage)
Marko Utriainen - Guitar (Armatage)
Aadolf Virtanen - Bass (Dehydrated (Fin))
Heikki Malmberg - Drums (ex-Bulldozer (Fin), Wolfpack (Fin), Manzana, Dame)

Timo Kemppainen - Drums (1995-2001) (ex-Downfall (Fin))


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