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Change Direction

Album: ''Change Direction'' (1997)
1. Brainstorming
2. In My Heart
3. The Last Memory
4. Lonely Nights
5. Anthem
6. Do What You Want
7. Change Direction
8. Flyin' Fantasy

Wings of Time

Album: ''Wings of Time'' (1999)
1. Guiding Light
2. I'll Dream Of You
3. Mirrors of the Night
4. Deep Inside
5. The Other Side
6. Waiting for the Sunrise
7. A Drop of Shadow
8. Nightmare
9. Silence
10. Fool For Your Lovin'



The classic trademark of this Italian progressive-metal band are catchy melodies, explosive riffs, choir harmonies and a powerful rhythm section. As for comparisons, they sit comfortably with the likes of Dream Theater, Symphony X and Vanden Plas. They went through a series of personnel changes and at last count, the band consisted of vocalist Titta Tani, guitarist Diego Reali, bassist Andrea Arcangeli, drummer Fabio Costantino and keyboard player Fabio Sanges. They have released six studio albums since 1994, including a mini cd.

Their best material can be found on their later albums "Wings of Time (1999), "Dreamland" (2001) and "Hidden Place" (2003). All three feature excellent melodic progressive-metal, great musicianship, walls of keyboards and some powerful and catchy vocals from Titta Tani. It is still too early to comment on their latest cd "Misplaced" (2004), as it had just been released at the time this bio was written.

Aggressive, melodic and progressive, DGM is a fun progressive-metal band with a pleasant neo-classical flavor. Their material will certainly appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X and Vanden Plas.

Progressive/Speed Metal

Italy (Rome, Lazio), formed in 1994

Scarlet Records


Simone Mularoni - Guitars (2006 - ) (Empyrios, Lalu))
Andrea Arcangeli - Bass (2003 - ) (Concept (Ita), Solisia, Thy Mortal Eyes, ex-River of Change)
Fabio Constantino - Drums (ex-Carnal Rapture) (1999 - )
Emanuele Casali - keyboards (2006-) (Astra (Ita), Empyrios)

Diego Reali - Guitars (1996 - April 2006)
Luciano Regoli - Vocals (1996 - 1999)
Ingo Schwartz - Bass (1996) (Schwartz, Thunder (Ita), ex-Glory Hunter (Ita))
Marco Marchiori - Bass (1997 - 1999)
Roberto Riccitelli - Keyboards (1996)
Maurizio Pariotti - Keyboards (1997 - 2001)
Gianfranco Tassella - Drums (1996 - 1997)
Fabio Sanges - Keyboards (2003 - April 2006) (Abstracta)
Titta Tani - Vocals (see Abstracta, Astra (Ita), Icycore, Daemonia, ex-Empty Tremor, ex-Glory Hunter (Ita) and Necrophagia) (2001 - October 2007)


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