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Plurima Mortis Imago

Album: ''Plurima Mortis Imago'' (2005)
1. Lunarium � Intro (Instrumental)
2. Rebellion of Will Manifesto
3. Visions of Kingdom To Come�
4. Dracula�s Mechanized Universe
5. Funeral of God
6. Alpha and Omega Spaces (Instrumental)
7. Crowned To Be Crucified
8. Smell of Death
9. SataniChaoSymphony

devilish impressions


Origins of the band date 1998, however the official date of it's founding is considered to be the Night In Remembrance of The Deceased 1.11.2000 a.s. when Turquoissa (synth), Starash (guitars) oraz Quazarre (voices, guitars, synth) - known wider as the vocallist of Asgaard - begun more serious actions in order to create the lyrical and musical conscience of Devilish Impressions.

„Our victory is in faith,
the imagination's open window,
from through we pick the fruits of Night
satiating with a silver glitter the gazings of soul... (Quazarre)”

Arrived has the time of intense seeking to shape the form of things that yet were to be released under such a suggestive name... Arrived has the time to close the philosophy and magick of dreams into the exploratory sounds and word bathed in the blood of angels...

„Devilish Impressions is the War of Gods, it is what it creates trough destruction. Devilish Impressions is the name of a star, which you'll discover gazing into the eyes of the most monstrous spectre... (Quazarre)”

Biography of Devilish Impressions Part II - "First spawn "

In the year 2002, the group recorded their very first,45-minutes long material enigmatically entitled – „Eritis sicut Deus; Verbum Diaboli Manet in Aeternum; Vox Vespertilio Act I – Moon Var Dies Irae”. Music that the record contained could easily be called Avantgarde Black Metal with complex guitar parts and keyboard passages adorned with pleochroic, impressive, and emanating derision vocalizations. The elements that also describe "Eritis sicut Deus..." are also very often changes of moods, broken rythm structures and a sort of unconventional arrangement, clearly deviating from forms or measures generally applied in the genre. Here's how the musicians themselves value their first steps:

„It's hard to univocally classify the sounds created by us, what's certain is that the realization of a concept by a later enclosing it into a material like "Eritis sicut Deus..." we proudly started to walk the pathway of avantgarde in this genre. Naturally you can refuse this material decent production, or expose other defects however we are satisfied with it in a way. Above all it's our first child, and believe us, we are on a different level mentally and in the composing matter. It was a record full of contrasts with sophisticated smacks and intimidatory fast tempos remaining in a cuonterpoint to the awesome, atmospherical slowdowns. Even so many 'twisted', technical both guitar and keyboard parts occured on this album, an even some furious and yet so melodic, impressive or even - as I would say - mournful vocalizations. The three main, very long and complex compositions were combined into whole with dark-ambient intros, being a change, a more inhuman vision of emotions slumbering in us then…(Quazarre)”.

The album starts and ends with the same vast keybord motive, what was supposed to emphasize a conciously oriented 'indissolubility' of all these elements. First of the main pieces is the oldest (some riffs in it are from 1998) and therefore it's the less representative not only for what Devilish Impressions is today, but also for the rest of material from "Eritis sicut Deus...". Composition called "Dies Irae" was as the last created, during the recording session, but the band wasn't comfortable to change the order of the tunes on the album to maintain the ongoing concept.

„(…) this material is like a vision of an astral trip trough worlds of hidden dimensions, meanings and prophecies, and it's great diversification is to serve the deepening of the potential listener's imagination, also it has to make him to arrange the strewed puzzles, for he may be able to create a personal story out of the events presented by us... (Quazarre)”.

It's worth mentioning that the realization of "Eritis sicut Deus..." was made by Pawel „Wolek” Wolczyk known from a Opole deathmetalj formation – Bloodfeast , for what we would like to thank again! „Wolek” also recorded all the bass guitars, and programmed the drum machines on "Eritis sicut Deus...".

The material was sent to many domestic and foreign labels, but - due to the lack of a serious offer - was never officially released. Although the band didn't intend to promote the album words about the material were quickly spread. Reviews in magazines and webzines emerged and it was success. Most of the reviews were positive, although everywhere the journalists were exposing the poor production and using a drum machine instead of 'live' drummer.

„I believe, that a time will come to show "Eritis sicut deus" again to the world, for now we are focused in one hundred percent to create a successor - new material. And as I say - an era of madness and a cold, frigid passion dressed in infernal-bloody sounds will come... (Quazarre)”.

Biography of Devilish Impressions Part III - "Omnipresent cold, rebellion and licentiousness!"

In 2004, after a series of perturbations disenabling normal functioning of the band, Devilish Impressions raised new goals for itself, which were not to be done in former form. The absolute priority became not only creating a new material but also recording it in a professional studio, and finding people that would be able to take the responsibility for up to this time marginal instruments. First steps to realize these goals were talks with Dragor (drums) and Adrian Nefarious (bass guitar) from the black metalo horde Luna Ad Noctum, which eventally made them members of Devilish Impressions in 2005. This begun a new era in the band's history, creating it a more concious group with much more wide perspective for future concerts. With this squad the band by the end of july 2005 is entering the studio to record the new material, that will be released as a full-length album.

„Our choice are to realizers, with who - we think - we'll be able to odo a diabolic vision of this album. First of them is Maciek Mularczyk, long time soundman of KAT, and also the producer of the last Frontside album. With Maciek we will record all the instruments as well as the vocal parts, and the second part of the session we shall give to Arek Malczewskito mix it for us (he is known for working with Behemoth, Asgaard, Lost Soul, Misteria, Devilyn and Vesania). The recording session sould last 6 weeks during which we'll do our best to give our ideas and arrangements a rich binding, selectivity, and also - the indispensable - fucking! (Quazarre)”.

Devilish Impressions new album may be a big step forward on the avantgard black/death metal scene, this time the band goes even farther to gain more brutallity combined with a unique atmosphere and a subtle melody of each piece:

„(...) it will be a record to every fan of the genre, he'll find all the technical deathmetal riffs, like also a indispensable dosage of uncommon melodies, fucking fast blasts, angry vocalizations and beautiful keyboard passages, all this marked with a totally sick, and lunatic climate of omnipresent cold, rebelion and licentiousness! With this album we would like to prove, that nothing yet has been said in this genre, and by moving in it with some distance letting you play this music in a different way, not losing the prime spirit of what metal always was, is, and shall be! (Quazarre)”.

Avant-Garde Black/Death Metal

Poland (Opole), formed in 2000

Conquer Records


Quazarre - Vocals, Guitars (Asgaard)
Turqouissa - Synth
Starash - Guitars
Armers - Guitars
Icanraz - Tour Drums (Hermh, Abused Majesty, ex-Via Mistica)

Adrian Nefarious - Bass (Luna Ad Noctum)
Dragor - Drums (Pagan Fire (Pol), Luna Ad Noctum)
Cloud - Tour Drums (Thy Disease)


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