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Infernal Devastation

Album: ''Infernal Devastation'' (2004 Demo)
1. Angel Devastator
2. Storms of our Vengeance
3. Infernal Devastation
4. Alcoholocaust
5. Thousands Impaled

The End

Album: ''The End'' (2005)
1. The End
2. The Call to War
3. Battle of Hate
4. Armageddon
5. Doom of the Gods (Ragnarok)
6. Dead and Destroyed
7. Unholy Thrash Assault

Nuclear Proliferation

Album: ''Nuclear Proliferation'' (2006)
1. Nuclear Proliferation
2. Brothers In Arms
3. Bombardment
4. Forever Bound to Suffer
5. Nuclear Holocaust
6. Sorcery Blasphemy
7. Ethos of Extremism (Instrumental)
8. Into Battle

Morbid Force

Album: ''Morbid Force'' (2007)
1. Demonic Procreation
2. Morbid Force
3. Revelations of the Serpent's Seal
4. Unholy Torment
5. Crucifixion
6. Lucifer's Legions
7. The Final Descension



The machinery called Devastator has its seeds in august 2002, founded to unite the potential of aggression with the artistic creativity of the founders. After a few jam sessions had projected the first songwriting ideas into the brains of members Holle, Max, Eggi and Lenny, the style changed from Grindcore to Brutal Death Metal. As a permanent rehearsal room was found in the form of an altered WW2-bunker and bassist Stefan joined the band, Devastator began to generate the first complete set.
It was time to melt the creation into the brains of an audience. A gig in Flensburg, though not attended by many, still left a big mark and due to the good response Devastator was invited to play at the Wacken Warm Up Party 2004 at the same location. Of course this opportunity was used to bring another sacrifice to the beast of brutality. More songwriting took place; the new songs got more complex and accordingly the overall sound got more brutal and professional. It was time for Devastator to record their first demo entitled Demo 2004. The songtitles "Tortured To Death", "The Art of Selfmutilation" and "Eternal Slavery" dont need any further explanation. After a long mandatory break due to an illness of vocalist Lenny, which lasted until summer 2005, Devastator orientated themselves towards a more technical execution of the auditory canals.

Even more complex songs were created, which featured not only higher speeds, but also a bigger potential of power and brutality. Because of internal problems Devastator parted ways with bassist Stefan at the end of 2005, and a new bassist had to be found. One month later Falko (Stormwarrior) took the position, just in time for the upcoming gigs with Eisregen and Pungent Stench, as well as with Nile, Yyrkoon and Psycroptic. These gigs helped to increase Devastators name recognition and quite a few demos were sold. In September 2006 Devastator begins with the recordings for their debut album entitled Beyond Massacre, intending to finish recording and production in 2006.
Devastator stands for brutality and power, with no respect to anatomic limits.

Black/Thrash Metal

War, Destruction, Hatred, Death, Anti-Religion

United States of America (Florida), formed in 2001

Regimental Records


Adrian - Guitars
Wulfnoth - Vocals (Blasphemer (US))
Laz - Bass
Pest - Drums (Blasphemer (US), ex-session for Ordine Nero)
Alaric - Guitars (Ordine Nero, Blasphemer (US))


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