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Mask Installed

Album: ''Mask Installed'' (2004 EP)
1. You Will See
2. Command Me
3. I Am
4. Reborn Again
5. The Empire of Light
6. Dimensions
7. Ignorance
8. Mask Installed

Mask Industries

Album: ''Mask Industries'' (2006)
1. The machine
2. Mask Installed
3. Empire of light
4. Strike back
5. Same shot
6. Reborn again
7. You will see
8. Watch out - be aware
9. Use your skill
10. You live, you die
11. Command me
12. Memories of broken dreams
13. I am
14. Focus
15. Ignorance
16. Dimensions of no real return


Devanic is a band from Vienna, Austria and was formed in May 2004 by Nikolaus Vuckovic and Andreas Danzer, with the goal playing ambitious, catchy, multifarious and blasting melodic death metal. Niki was searching for some people to realise his compositions, especially for someone to do the vocals – with Andy the right man was found. The songwriting of Niki and the lyrics and vocal-arrangement of Andy seemed to be the perfect combination.
Nikolaus is making music since many years. He started playing instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, chello and what the fuck else - i don't know...) since his childhood.
Niki a long time was searching for a vocalist, for someone behind the microphone for his masses of song-material. The same time, in early 2004 Andreas was searching the internet, because his former band wasn't anymore. Andreas found a sample of the song, now known as You will see (2004), in the net and he liked what he was listening to. So he contacted Niki and after the first meeting 2 songs - Andy listened to the songs, started writing, took the mic and it was done - were finalized. The conception and realization of the lyrics and also the voice of Andreas fitted perfectly to Nikis compositions. It was astonishing for both, Niki and Andy, how easy it was to arrange and record this songs.
While recording and arranging more songs (they met nearly every day over some weeks to work out new songs), Niki and Andy were searching musicians to establish a band, that also would be able to perform live. Within only a month Devanic with Christian (Guitar), Peter (Bass) and Mike (Drums) - all experienced musicians and motivated to make music on a professional level - was complete.
There isn't really an official day of foundation, but it was in May 2004 or something, when Devanic was the first time in the rehearsal room. Everything was going very fast. The band was within a very short time capable of playing the songs, Niki and Andy had arranged so far. It was amazing, how perfectly things were going. Only a few months later, in September Devanic released the promo 2004 Mask Installed, which included 8 tracks and was only meant for promotion and not for the public. The resonance was very positive and the popularity of Devanic raised enormous - radios worldwide played songs of Mask Installed. Some magazines made Mask Installed to the promo of the month and some made Devanic to the band, newcomer or whatever of the month. A newcomer - still underground - was born.
As more and more people asked how they can get a copy of Mask Installed the 5 guys from Devanic decided to produce a kind of "continuation" of the promo, that should include the 8 tracks but also new songs.
While playing concerts with international acts like Dismember, Satanic Slaughter, Ensiferum, Morbid Angel, Sodom and many more, Devanic started working on new material for the debut-album.
Finally April 2006 the release of Mask Industries was done. All together 16 tracks with a playtime of about an hour - including the 8 songs from the Promo 2004 Mask Installed, newly recorded.
Multifarious, hard and aggressive melodic death metal from austria is the result - just tune in and listen to Mask Industries.

Melodic Death Metal

Humanity, space, life

Austria (Vienna), formed in 2004



Andreas Danzer - Vocals
Nikolaus Vuckovic - Lead Guitar
Peter Knall - Bass
Michael Pawlowitsch - Drums

Christian Novak - Rhythm Guitar


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