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Tribal Eagle

Album: ''Tribal Eagle'' (1997 EP)
1. Crosshope.
2. Thinking.
3. Tribal Eagle.
4. Blue Moment.

Street Corner Queen

Album: ''Street Corner Queen'' (1998)
1. Street Corner Queen
2. Drug Lord
3. Spell of Hell
4. The Fall
5. Empty Shell
6. Human Nature
7. Bonsai People
8. Black Raven
9. C.C.R
10. III
11. Northern Praise
12. Blue Moment

Here To Stay

Album: ''Here To Stay'' (1999)
1. Whirlwind
2. ...To Die and Gain
3. s/s
4. My God
5. Terminator
6. Statue of Liberty
7. Comeback
8. Fool
9. Here To Stay
10. Christ Addict
11. DDD
12. Millstone
13. Dead End

To Die and Gain

Album: ''To Die and Gain'' (1999 Single)
1. To Die and Gain
2. The Misleader
3. To Die and Gain (demo version)



Deuteronomium history in short:

1993 The band is founded by Manu Lehtinen and his brother Jarno Lehtinen. Very soon Miika Partala joined them and eventually Tapio Laakso completed the lineup as a fourth member. Deuteronomium played it's very first show with this lineup and recorded their first demo "Paths of Righteousness".

1994 It was either in the late 1993 or early 1994 when Tapio deciced to leave the band and Kalle Paju replaced him. Year 1994 was very difficult for the band. They lost their rehearsal place and everyone was quite fed up with the situation so the band was buried for a while.

1995 Manu, Jarno and Miika decided to put the band back together and they recorded the second demo "Crosshope".

1996 "Crosshope" demo released. Deuteronomium played a few shows with new guitarist Jari Mantour and session drummer Johnny Pesonen. Jari left the band and the rest of the guys played a few shows. At the end of 1996 they recorded their first EP "Tribal Eagle".

1997 "Tribal Eagle" is released and the feedback was very positive. J-J Kontoniemi joins the band and at the same time Kalle Paju re-joins. Deuteronomium plays many shows and rehearses material for their debute album.

1998 "Street Corner Queen", Deuteronomium's first album, is released and people either loved or hated it. Anyhow, it was a success and many more people became aware of the band. Deuteronomium played many shows and rehearsed new material.

1999 The release year of "To Die and Gain" -single and "Here to Stay" -album. And again the feedback was either positive or negative. Many didn't like the change in music style but it also gave the band new fans.

Deuteronomium played their first concerts in other countries. They spent one week in Holland and played two shows there, plus many more in Finland.

Cover version of One Bad Pig's "Red River" was recorded and Street Corner Queen Digipak (which includes the song) was released.

The band had difficulties again. There was disagreements in certain things. It caused pressure, and eventually...

2000 ...Miika Partala decided to leave the band, which was a shock to everyone. The band was in a really difficult situation. It would have been nearly impossible to find anyone like him. Six months later J-J Kontoniemi decided to leave. Both of the guys were very kind and played all the remaining shows with the band. Great shows in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Holland and Germany.

Markus Vainionpää wins the air guitar world championships, the song was "Crosshope".

2001 The band is officially split up.

2006 Deuteronomium plays one show at OHM-Fest 06

2007 Deuteronomium is Back!

Melodic Death/Black Metal


Finland (Jyväskylä), formed in 1993

Little Rose


Miika Partala: Vocals, Guitar (1993-2000/2007-) (No Man´s Band, Icon Clan, Stoner Kings, IX Syndicate)
Manu Lehtinen: Bass (1993-) (ex-Destroyer of Black Metal, Vaskikäärme)
Kalle Paju: Guitar (1994, 1997-/2007-)
J.J. Kontoniemi: Drums (1997-2000/2007-) (Icon Clan, Stoner Kings)

Tapio Laakso: Guitar (1993-94) (ex-No Man´s Band)
Jari Mantour: Guitar (1996)
Johnny Pesonen: Session Drums (1996)
Jarno Lehtinen: Drums (1993-97) (ex-Destroyer of Black Metal)


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