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As my Soul reaches Infinity

Album: ''As my Soul reaches Infinity'' (1996 Demo)
1. Intro: A Whisper from the Stars
2. Tears of a Sad Spirit
3. Never-Ending Night
4. In Demise
5. Outro : Despondency

Beheaded and Sanctified

Album: ''Beheaded and Sanctified'' (1997 Demo)
1. Intro : Libera Me
2. Romantic Infinity
3. Never-Ending Night
4. Divine Passion
5. In Melancholy I Drown
6. The Sleeping Beauty
7. Tears of a Sad Spirit

Wide Open Arms...

Album: ''Wide Open Arms...'' (1998 Best of/Compilation)
1. Intro
2. A Gruesome Harmony
3. My Perishing Faith
4. Romantic Infinity
5. Wide Open Arms
6. Tears of a Sad Spirit
7. Romantic Infinity
8. Wide Open Arms
9. Never-Ending Night
10. In Demise

Supreme Funeral Oration

Album: ''Supreme Funeral Oration'' (2003)
1. Rains
2. Once in the Hole
3. Serenity in Darkness
4. Stellar Ways to the Everliving
5. Grief
6. Moonlight Suicide



DESPOND was created in 1995, from the ashes of the death metal band Perished (initialy founded in 1993).

The band started exploring the doom/death metal genre, and released his first demo tape « As my Soul reaches Infinity » in 1996.
In the end of the same year, DESPOND recorded a concert in Paris (with headliner Impaled Nazarene), and the live tape album « Beheaded and Sanctified » was released in Spring 1997.

Until the end of 1998, the band toured in France and composed enough material to enter the studio and record his debut album... Unfortunately, several band members decided to leave the band for some musical reasons, only a few weeks before entering the studio.

Between 1998 and 2002, DESPOND remained the individual project of Richard Loudin, vocalist and founding member. During this period, Richard Loudin wrote and composed brand new songs, in a darker and more extreme doom metal genre.

Entitled « Supreme Funeral Oration », this album was recorded between October 2001 and July 2003, by Richard Loudin for most of the instruments (vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards) and Jonathan Thery (bass).

In August 2002, DESPOND reformed with a brand new line-up including musicians from the doom/death metal band Ataraxie, and the former DESPOND’s drummer.
Finally complete, the band played some concerts and festivals in Europe during the first half of 2003 (Doomination of Europe, Belgian Doom Night, Doom Metal Festival in London).

The debut album « Supreme Funeral Oration » was finally released in July 2003 by french label Haceldama Productions. In the same period, and after the show in London, the band parted ways and Richard Loudin is now the only member left.

2005 will be the 10 years anniversary for DESPOND...
And the band will return with a new album, so stay Doomed...

Atmospheric Funeral Doom/Death Metal

France (Paris), formed in 1995

Haceldama Productions


Richard Loudin - all instruments (Monolithe, Haceldama (Fra), Bran Barr, Nydvind, Nunkthul)

Jonathan Thery - Bass (on "Supreme Funeral Oration") (Ataraxie, Funeralium, Hyadningar, Bethlehem (Ger))
Yannick Karsenty - Bass (on "Wide Open Arms...")
Stéphane Maurice - Drums (on "Wide Open Arms...")
Didier Maurice - Guitar (on "Beheaded & Sanctified-Live In St-Denis" & "Wide Open Arms...")
Nicolas Favard - Keyboards (on "Beheaded & Sanctified-Live In St-Denis" & "Wide Open Arms...")
Luisa Trierscheidt - Bass (on "As My Soul Reaches Infinity" & "Beheaded & Sanctified-Live In St-Denis") (Haceldama (Fra))
Yann Tomaïer - Guitars (on "As My Soul Reaches Infinity", "Beheaded & Sanctified-Live In St-Denis" & "Wide Open Arms...") (Haceldama (Fra))
J.B. Corgniard - Drums (on "As My Soul Reaches Infinity" & "Beheaded & Sanctified-Live In St-Denis") (Haceldama (Fra))


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